View and Download Chevrolet Malibu owner’s manual online. Malibu Automobile pdf manual download. Does not include and Chevrolet Classic models or information specific to CHILTON Total Car Care Manual – Chevy Malibu, Info. Buy Chevrolet Malibu Owners Manual: Vehicles – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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Chevrolet Malibu (2004 – 2012)

The vehicle has components and labels that use symbols instead of text. Playing a CD Notice: As each new track starts to play, the It is possible to use a portable CD player with your track number will appear on the display. It will not give nearly as much protection this way. Child Restraints What is the proper way to wear safety belts? Suppose you set your cruise control at a desired speed and then you apply the brake.

Do not use other viscosity oils such as SAE 20W If your vehicle has the passenger sensing system, and the airbag is off, the off mnual on the instrument panel will be lit and stay lit when the key is turned to ON or START.

Make sure that the shoulder belt crosses the shoulder.

chevrolet malibu Owners Manual | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Press the tab that holds the wiper blade to the arm. Either will have a single attachment B to secure the top tether to the anchor.

Replacing Restraint System Parts If belts are cut or damaged, replace them. People should never hold a baby in their arms while riding in a vehicle.

It is extremely dangerous to ride in a cargo A few crashes are mild, and some crashes can be so area, inside or outside of a vehicle.

The system checks the airbag electrical system for malfunctions. Be sure to follow the back as it will go before securing the forward-facing instructions that came with the child restraint. To adjust the seatback, lift the lever located on the outboard side of the seat and move the seatback to the desired position.


Check with your dealer. If you need to secure a forward-facing child restraint in You will be using the lap-shoulder belt to secure the the right front seat position, move the seat as far child restraint in this position.

Turn and Lane-Change Signals If a bulb is burned out, replace it to help avoid an accident. Heated Seats Reclining Seatbacks Your vehicle may have heated front seats. Turn off your engine when you are refueling. Page To replace one of these bulbs, do the following: Wing Nut extension, A. Tuesday, June 28, Dolly Towing Dolly Towing To tow your vehicle with a dolly chevroleh two wheels on the ground, follow these steps: Towing a Trailer Your vehicle can tow a trailer if it is equipped with a 3.

System Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Page Audio System s If the current station has a message, When a traffic announcement comes on the tuned radio MSG will appear on the display. When the current load is Notice: Chevolet this button to change the display mode for 4: Your Driving, the Road, and proper defensive driving more difficult and can even cause a collision, with resulting injury.

In a crash, you would not have the full width of the belt to spread impact forces.

Chevrolet Malibu Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Four-cylinder engine Chapter 2: Maintenance Footnotes e Make sure the safety belt reminder light and all your belts, buckles, latch plates, retractors, and anchorages are working properly.

This analog output may be changed without changing the default from the analog The menu bar can be displayed across the top of the output menu. Also, the belt would apply too much force to the ribs, which are not as strong as shoulder bones. Page Increasing Speed While Using Cruise Using Cruise Control on Hills Control How well your cruise control will work on hills depends upon your speed, load and the steepness of the There are two ways to go malkbu a higher speed.


Buckle, position, and release the safety belt as described in Rear Seat Passengers on mqlibu Playing A Disc Playing a Disc If the disc has been ejected or if the stop button has been pressed twice on the remote control, press the play To play a disc, gently insert the disc, with the label side button once to resume play at the beginning of the up, into the loading slot. An Emission Control Service.

Page 60 Page 61 Page 62 – Securing a child restraint in the right This can cause deadly CO carbon monoxide gas to get inside. See Climate Control System on page If the Operation transmitter does not work or if you have to stand closer to your vehicle for the transmitter to work, try this: Turn off the engine. The tire and loading information label shows the number of occupant seating positions Aand the maximum vehicle capacity weight B in kilograms and pounds.

Chevrolet Malibu 2005 Owner’s Manual

The customer is responsible As the owner of a new Chevrolet vehicle, you are for the repair or replacement of the tire if not automatically enrolled in the Chevrolet Roadside covered by a warrantable failure. You can be seriously injured if your belt is buckled in the wrong place like this. Make sure the seatback is at the most upright position and locked.

Each time the vehicle is started, the system outlets with some air directed to the side window outlets. Very cold snow or ice can be slick and hard to drive on. Press this button to eject a CD.