This standard is issued under the fixed designation E ; the number immediately 1 This classification is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee E on. Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM E at Engineering Standard Classification for Acoustical Ceiling Products. Status: Withdrawn · Replaced by: ASTM E Buy this standard. Price: SEK. PDF. Add to cart.

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Standard Classification for Acoustical Ceiling Products

Complete building elements doors, floor structures, partitions etc. Click here to download full list of books. Achieve your acoustic ceiling ideas for drop ceilings with our decorative ceiling solutions including choices of colors and finishes, textures and perforations, edge types, material options, sizes and patterns. F Standard Specification for Driven Fasteners: Nails, Spikes, and Staples. Follow us on social media.

Reliable and easy to install, they pair well with our complete assortment of ceiling e12264.

At the point of flashover the entire room is engulfed by the fire and large flames burst out from door and window openings. Detailed requirements can be found in the national building regulations.

Fire Performance

Increasing amounts of smoke and heat begin to develop and a layer of hot fire gases forms asym the ceiling. Building regulations and various types of standards normally cover these aspects. The progress of the flame front across the test material is measured by visual observation, while the smoke emitted is measured as a factor of optical density. Fire resistant ceiling products protect what matters most — people.


The main classes used for the fire resistance classification of building elements are:. The heat radiation from the layer of fire gases is so asrm at this stage that it causes all combustible materials to ignite. During the growth phase the fire increases in size and other objects around the fire origin will begin to burn. It e126 not contribute to the development and spread of fire, even when directly exposed to flames.

Look no further than the Rockfon case study resources to find inspiration for your next ceiling project. Principally, it concerns the satm of injury to people but it also entails limiting the material and economic damage which is likely to ensue.

Today, some 12, ASTM standards are used around the world to improve product quality, enhance asmt, facilitate market access and trade, and build consumer confidence. The reaction to fire testing and classification system for linings and materials in Europe is called Euroclass.

Grid Suspension Systems Our Chicago Metallic acoustical grid systems offer a wide range of high performance suspenion system solutions. Demonstrating fire resistance, acoustic ceiling panels and tiles are required to be tested for surface burning characteristics. Standards can be on either a national base e.

The building itself including its satm, building elements, materials, interior fittings and furnishing. In the growth phase the fire is local. The tests are carried out in full scale.


The fire can now spread to other parts of the building. In the other end there is a fan creating a draft forcing the flames to propagate into the tunnel. The classes d1264 flaming droplets and particles are d0, d1 and d2, where d0 is the best. The organisation and practice of conducting evacuation, e. Our ceiling panels are especially designed to provide acoustic ceiling solutions that are beautiful while creating healthy, comfortable e12264. The test specimens are subjected to a heat exposure that corresponds to a fully developed fire.

Stone wool and metal ceiling products are not organic, meaning they do not promote the growth of mold or bacteria.

This is when the intensity of the s1264 is so great that it ceases to remain local but involves all combustible material in the room. Never miss a beat.

Fire Performance | Rockfon

Rigorous testing also has resulted in multiple UL listed fire-rated ceiling suspension systems. Within the parameters of safe evacuation, consideration must be given to fire gases, visibility, heat radiation and temperature.

Choose mildew resistant ceiling tiles for a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.