I got real stupid last week and decided that I would save some money and build my own home theater speakers. I ordered the Audax kit from. This superb design was borrowed from Wayne J.’s great DIY resource, . After extensive listening in comparison to my Audax home theater system that has. I have created a PDF of the Audax webpages concerning the DIY Home Theatre Kit, I basically copied and pasted into Word, but I’ve preserved.

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Welcome Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

When all the joints were dry, I backed out all the screws and filled them with wood patch. Zalytron’s cabinets are hard to beat in terms of build quality and cosmetics, however, they are quite expensive and worth it in my opinion.

So big, it won’t fit into any of the holes in the cabinet! After spending a lot of time and money on building your cabinet to make it as theattre dead as possible, you don’t want to skimp on the crossover network.

The terminal cup wires were then lightly soldered onto the cup, and the cup was installed in the cabinet using standard terminal cup screws. This is what I did I then drilled a small hole small enough for four wires to make their way through on the side idy the sub-enclosure, and routed the wires to be connected to the midrange driver from the crossover through the hole.


However, matching the wood look to my mains and sub, would make the speaker stand out on top of my big black TV.

Setting Up Your Lighting For the right experience, you need to set up recessed lighting in the ceiling. The F3 is 50 Hz, sensitivity is Madisound’s cabinet is less expensive, but not built as sturdy.

The entire cabinet was then sanded using a random orbital sander until all butt-joints were completely flush. If you choose to add the foam to the bottom of the cabinet, then reverse the front flange such that the bottom is assembled first and the top is the last piece to put on.

Special effects and music coming from this speaker also sounds clean, clear, and very detailed. JD decided to make a full-range speaker, which uses two 6. For a more intense, realistic experience, you can even install floor lighting using low-voltage lights that can be kept on the entire time. I built a xudax still enjoy mine to this day.

Theafre is prudent, because a cutting mistake is much easier to correct when the baffles are not glued to the cabinet! George this is simply wonderful. I let everything dry for about 24 hours before installing the drivers because the Liquid Nails contains hydrocarbon solvents that may have an effect on the rubber surrounds of the woofers.

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I applied three coats in order to get the color black I was going for and to completely cover the grain. Here is a breakdown of the overall cost of the project. For one, only the most costly speakers are this well built with really good quality crossover parts, not to mention the beautiful finish.


Crossover construction It’s important to use good quality crossover components. The next step in the process is to pre-wire the theater.

Building a Cheap DIY Home Theater The Easy Way – FireFold Blog

You may also want to use an RF dimmer and a remote so that you can dim the lights as the movie comes on. At this stage in the process, you can also choose to do additional soundproofing. For interior walls, you can use an R11 to block the noise from movie explosions. A 12 or gauge cable can theafre used for the center, right and left speakers. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s big height. Has started me thinking. I glued the ports on the back baffle using liquid nails. Serious listening should always be done with the grille removed anyway!

Setting up the Drywall and Sound Barriers The next step is to begin hanging drywall. Of course, adding bracing will require a slightly larger cabinet, and since this cabinet is already large to begin with, one must be very careful not to overdo it. I increased the thickness of the front and rear panels so Theattre wouldn’t have to add any braces across the depth of the cabinet.

That’s a big board!