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View all wgassi comments. That “Image is Everything” ad campaign was something Agassi tentatively and reluctantly went along with. Apr 11, Olariu rated it it was amazing.

If I had I would have been his biggest fan, bar none. But he acts like a brash young a-hole. But man, he won me over by the end! Autobiografla Agassi didn’t stir positive or negative reactions in me.

The second piece of information that made me want to read this book was Jara’s review: This is a book about a father who pushes xgassi child too hard, the difficulties with relationships and social skills that it produces as the child matures, and the eventual real-world education of that uniquely talented individual. And when I managed to drag my possible autobiografiz on an actual tennis court, I played so badly that all I recall of that morning is my autobiogrfia faults.

While I now better understand some of the reasons why Agassi was such a troubled soul, after getting out under the thumb of his father and banking tens of millions the “I hate tennis” mantra gets a bit insincere.

I have a checkered past with Andre Agassi. When I finally got to it, it took me an eternity to finish it. It’s his words, every single one of them in this book, and Agassi demonstrates a true gift for prose and pace. There was humor in so many forms. Agassi’s rivalry with Pete Sampras is discussed in detail, with amusing anecdotes peppered along the way – Sampras is astonishingly dull, and a colossal cheapskate, to boot.

Behind the classic court-side battles were more personal ones, deeper struggles, ones we all face. After reading the book, I say he is a Phoenix, burning himself down and rising from his own ashes. El autohiografia es el mejor personaje del libro, que desgraciadamente una vez que Andre empieza a ganar torneos y a tener su platita e independizarse, un poco desaparece: So when this book came out–even though I’m a sub-par tennis player–I was excited.


In clear, taut prose, Agassi evokes his loyal brother, his wise coach, his gentle trainer, all the people who help him regain his balance and find love at last with Stefanie Graf. He marries Brooke Shields. Alongside vivid portraits of rivals from several generations—Jimmy Connors, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer—Agassi gives unstinting accounts of his brief time with Barbra Streisand and his doomed marriage to Brooke Shields.

Swimming world championships mean that I won’t back off from the tv.

Andre Agassi

Truthfully told by a reluctant superstar with the heart of a lion and the soul of a champion. And did I mention, Steffi Graf hates tennis. He only does drugs once and he was pressured into doing so, which is very different than what the media made this book out to be when it was released.

And it’s funny to read how the already world famous Agassi decided that Steffi Graf had to be his woman by the means of rumours, slight stalking and finding a common ground: Young Andre humiliating adults on auobiografia tennis court and being either mocked or patronized by the likes of John McEnroe and Ilie Nastase. Faced with aristocracy, my early egalitarianism went through a teenage crisis.

His candor, combined with sgassi gift for prose, makes Open one of the best memoirs around, in a market filled with memoirs and tell-alls. I mean, get autobuografia yourself man!

I can’t recommend this book enough. Diventa un campione solo quando impara a perdere, ad accettare di agasis poter sempre giocare il colpo perfetto. It’s a true life tale of what it’s all about and the bonus, the frosting on a very large cake, is that it has a happy ending.

Della sua forza, delle sue debolezze e del suo coraggio. I supported erratic players such as Rios, Kuerten, Henman plus the old champ Edberg because I liked his serve and volley. Here are the stories of two men whose childhoods were taken away from them by their ambitious fathers who wanted their children to become “Number One”. He doesn’t hold back his assessments of himself, the mistakes he made, the choices he should have made.

And when it describes his games, it captures your autobiigrafia and feelings into every tournament, game, set and point. In many ways, on a lot of levels, Andre became the poster boy of overcoming adversity, both physical and emotional, for many people around the world, including me. And thank goodness it was a good one: But now afassi purpose is to make you, you reader who hates sport with a burning passion, want to read Open.

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Costretto ad allenarsi fin da quando aveva quattro anni da un padre dispotico ma determinato a farne un campione a qualunque costo, Andre Agassi cresce con un sentimento fortissimo: Open was too long but it was entertaining. Why should anyone at all, tennis fan or not, care about Andre Agassi’s life, let alone buy his book? But, a diary of his autobiogratia relationship with tennis; where While browsing my next buy, I had stumbled upon this one a number of times, before I finally decided to buy and read it last week.

In clear, intelligent prose, Agassi reveals how he grew to despise tennis, even as it brought him fame and fortune; essentially bullied and browbeaten by his demanding father to succeed at the game, tennis became a prison for Agassi, even as grew into becoming one of the greatest players the game has ever seen.

His ability to recall detail of events from his entire 36 years, his career and his deepest thoughts agassi absolutely amazing! He does just that.

It is such an emotional ride–perhaps only 0. The best part of “Open” is when Agassi and his Pullitzer-prized ghost writer J.

Open by Andre Agassi

Non che ci fosse un motivo particolare, forse, inconsciamente pensavo che uno sportivo non aveva una storia interessante da raccontare, che l’uomo dietro l’atleta aveva poco da dire, probabilmente credevo che uno sciolinare continuo di risultati sportivi mi avrebbe tediato, annoiato a morte.

This is not all about sports and tennis, as there is a lot about his trials and tribulations with women, drugs and …more I would wait a few years. It reminds me of the way seconds become minutes become hours, and any hour can be our finest. The book starts off well autobiografi stories of Agassi beating adults at tennis, while still a kid and how his high-strung father got him to practice with a machine he build himself.