Wake_on_Modem. BIOS: Award PnP 2Mb Flash ROM BIOS Form Factor: ATX Board Size: mm x mm. Software & Utility: HWMON utility. Download and update your AOpen AX6BC motherboard BIOS – 2A69KABF to the latest version. hi guys das any one know were i can download a bios update for a aopen ax6bc that will work with xp only because i have looked on the net.

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Your new so welcome to Ars Technica Jan as6bc, Posts: There are some people who use a PCI video board in a rig like that but I would say it isn’t worth it, time to upgrade.

AOpen AX6BC motherboard BIOS – 2A69KABF

I decide on my choice. The voltage was detected automatically. I’ve also heard that the v1.

Wed Jan 30, 3: Since the aopen board is a BX chipset, how did you get those tualatin celerons working on it? For me, hell yeah! Nov 14, Posts: Mar 28, Posts: My only axbc so far is the size of the stock retail intel heatsink.


I thought the max cpu the aopen allowed was a pentium III As I had a revision 1.

aopen ax6bc bios update

Correct me if i’m wrong. Tue Jan 08, 8: Mind if i know which bios version you’re using. Congrats I went from to just two weeks ago. JohnMcboy Ars Praetorian Tribus: El Guapo Ars Praefectus Registered: Wed Jan 30, 2: Thu Jan 03, 6: Fri Jan 04, 8: Thu Jan 03, Mar 21, Posts: I plan to try and get it to tonight. Mon Jan upcate, 1: Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor.

Some times I can run at for several hours before windows finally farts. Feb 12, Posts: I love the efficiency of adding life to old hardware.

Why not go for the 1.

AX6BC AOPEN Motherboard Mainboard Driver Manual BIOS

Didn’t even have to go into the BIOS. Slapped the new CPU on it and plugged it into the board. Originally posted by Biased turkey: Works like a charm.

Tue Jan 08, 7: Thu Jan 10, The lights and fans come on, but nothing appears on screen. Well worth my money and time spent.


AOPEN AX6BC User Manual: Bios Flash Utility

Thanks in advance for any help! I thought I’d resurrect this thread after finding it with a search. What is that Updare native FSB? Fri Jan 04, 5: Thu Jan 31, Krick Ars Centurion Registered: Fri Mar 29, 2: Wed Jan 16, 3: I spent almost an hour trying to break off a little contact tab thingy without damaging the rest of the socket.

Tue Feb 19, 8: Eiki Ars Praefectus Registered: I finally had to give up and reinstall my old Celeron A so I could post a message here.

It extends below the slot1 socket and actually rests right on the motherboard chipset heatsink. My god, computing power has gotten cheap, 52 bucks?!?

Althoug I did install a stick of Muskin’s best memory with a cas of 2.