This documentation also bases on the original Bacula documentation, it is but if you use a program like BackupPC, it can create hundreds of thousands. Check the permissions on /usr/share/webapps/backuppc/r1/hostroot/cgi-bin //BackupPC_Admin and look at the documentation. + Dur/mins. +. +\$ArchiveStr. +. +. +EOF. + . $Lang{BackupPC__Documentation} = “BackupServer: Dokumentation”;.

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BackupPC saves backups onto disk.

Personal Backup

An explicit value is necessary for taint mode. Full Max Wait Time. If you try to copy the pool the target directory will occupy a lot more space if the hardlinks aren’t re-established.

A full backup is a complete backup of a share.

First, you can keep the backups accessible and browsable, but disable all new backups. Not only does all the perl code need to be parsed just once, the config. To quickly see if a file is already in the pool, an MD5 digest of the file length and contents is used as the file name in the pool.

Fifo files are stored as empty plain files which are not pooled since they have zero size. You can run “perldoc Compress:: Hardlinks are used so that identical files all refer to the same physical file on the server’s disk.

The setuid script dokumentaiton work unless perl on your machine was installed with setuid emulation. Minimum period between consecutive emails to a single user.


Currently ftp restores are not fully implemented.

BackupYourSystem – Community Help Wiki

For other sites, additional permanent archives could be created by periodically backing up the server to tape. Additional user names, separate by commas and with no white space, can be specified. This involves removing any files in the pool that only have a single hard link meaning no backups are using that file. This is necessary for the command part of ssh or rsh, since it ends up getting passed through the shell. The typical speedup is around 15 times. Administrators will still have full permissions.

The attrib file is also compressed if compression is enabled. Minimum period in days between incremental dikumentation a user requested incremental backup will be done anytime on demand.

This is an array of hashes for each class C address range. If a client is subject to blackout then no regular non-manual backups will be started during any of these periods. Please see the Wiki at http: BackupPC already has more than enough features for my own needs.

Feel free to vote for BackupPC at http: A patch file includes comments that describe that bug fixes and changes. Furthermore, if we instead use dokhmentation first and dkoumentation K of the file more specifically, the first and eighth K chunks for files larger than 1MB we get only repeated files and in the worst case around 20 files have the same hash.


List of directories or files to backup. This will keep the backup activity after hours. Ssh is the preferred method. This subject and message is sent to a user dokumenntation their PC has not recently been backed up ie: But you also want to backup the rest of the machine while the database is still running.

BackupPC is highly configurable and easy to install and maintain. On WinXX the standard smb protocol is used to extract backup data. Log into WEB Interface: Tar is run on the client machine via rsh or ssh.

Thecus, Creator in Storage.

The block and file checksum data, plus some other information and magic word, are appended to the compressed file. Your entire hard drive or just some of the data?

Additional mappings of file name extenions to Content-Type for individual file restore. Various programs and scripts use rsync to provide hardlinked backups. The atime can also change when a backup utility or script has read the file as well as when a user has reads the file. User names that are rendered by the CGI interface can be turned into links into their home page or other information about the user.

Libs and tools for postgresql catalog.