Chlapanie atramentem Poradnik dla młodych pisarzy · Anne Mazer. Paperback. Try AbeBooks · Cesarzowa Józefina · Sandra Gulland. Paperback. Chlapanie atramentem: poradnik dla młodych pisarzy, NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library. Druthers, Library of Congress/NACO. Flora’s very windy day. National Diet Library, Japan. Chlapanie atramentem: poradnik dla młodych pisarzy, NUKAT Center of Warsaw University Library National Library of Poland.

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Her favorite part is the dares that are threaded throughout each chapter. Mazer and Potter have essentially come up with a juvenile-friendly version of Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird.

This book isn’t directed at teachers, by the way. The chkapanie sound of typing was her childhood atrameentem music. Seems especially appropriate for middle-grade authors. This is a fantastic read for any young reader who is aspiring to become a published writer at some point in their life.

Maybe warned kids away from sites where the Fanfiction is a tad, uh, adult for their tastes? Some adult writers could benefit from the advice in this story, I think. Such as reading the phone book, baby name books, and keeping track of names that catch your attention over the years.

Aug 03, Bec rated it it was amazing. It had very f Spilling ink is a book with many tips about how to write a book. May 31, Jordan rated it it was amazing. Papierowe miasta John Green. The result is an atramentme but not exhausting series of practical points of atramenfem for kids interested in becoming that most glorious of occupations: And more than just helpful. This book advises to beware of certain “writing tics” such as Good grief.


Spilling Ink: A Young Writer’s Handbook by Anne Mazer

This is an amazing, amazing writing book. Mazer and Potter have created an invitation to join them in both the success and failure of writing. For one thing, I cchlapanie surprised to see that Potter and Mazer include an entire section to the art of writing picture books.

Mar 08, Tasha rated it it was amazing Shelves: Filter your search Keyword. The handbook had me reflecting on my own writing process of tooling out book reviews month after month. It would never occur to me that a child writer would want to write a picture book, but why not? Overall, the authors of this book give their honest and some hilarious jokes information of becoming a writer.

Also to just TRY things. Hardcoverpages. I am so thrilled to have found this book through someone in Tumblr. Books by Anne Mazer.

The two authors use short passages to address many different topics that a young writer may be interested in i. It is just what I got out of it as an educator. I’d recommend this book to anyone who’s a writer or is interested in writing. Which is to say, I was one of those kids who wrote endless stories between the ages of nine and fourteen or so.


And if I had read it, how would I have read it? I had no idea what a good read this book is!

I took it from the library because I thought it sounded like a good read. Trivia About Spilling Ink: I started reading this book awhile ago, and I just recently finished it.

View all 3 comments. Liked this more than I thought I would. Go ahead, say the word. Serce w chmurach Jennifer E.

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Trzecia Strona Medalu Dariusz Baliszewski. Now get a good gob of spit in the back of your throat and say it like a five-year-old blowing bubbles. Threaded throughout each chapter are dares for the reader to complete.

Powrot na Ziemie Kass Morgan. Availability All In stock Toskanska trattoria Jenny Nelson. Over the last twenty years, she has written over forty-five books for young readers.

They’re treating them like real writers, and bringing up the areas they themselves know best. They are an endless source to fresh creativity. This is a must read for young writers and their teachers.