priced Cisco Aironet AG Series is ready to install and easy to manage, reducing the cost of configuration information with no manual intervention. Reportez-vous au tableau suivant et aux instructions pour ouvrir le capot supérieur. Guide de démarrage rapide des points d’accès Cisco Aironet AG. The Cisco® Aironet® G Series Access Point is a single-band g access point that features configuration information with no manual intervention.

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Actual delivery times can vary, depending on the customer location. An Enter Network Step 2 Password screen appears. The Documentation DVD package is available as a single unit.


Troubleshooting Low Power Condition On power up, the access point is placed into low power mode both radios are disabledCisco IOS software loads and runs, and power negotiation determines if sufficient power is available. Cisco access points use hexadecimal characters. Enter the username Cisco and password Cisco. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Cisco does not sell Ethernet cable rated for use in a building environmental air space, such cisvo above Caution suspended ceilings. Non-Cisco client devices might have difficulty communicating with repeater access points. Cisco aironet series officeextend access point 44 pages. The Summary Status page appears. Safety Information The use of wireless devices in hazardous locations is limited to the constraints posed by the safety directors of such environments.

Default Gateway The default gateway identifies the address the access point uses to access another network. The Manuual warranty page appears. Figure shows an access point acting as a repeater.


However, the access point does not need to use WEP Key 3 as the transmit key. Aironet Extensions By default, the access point uses Cisco Aironet Put the access point on a flat surface, and grasp it with both hands, as shown in this illustration.

Each Cisco switch should be upgraded to support Intelligent Cicso Management.

Cisco Aironet 1130AG Quick Start Manual

This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. The buffer contains only the last 10 items that you have the last ten items that you deleted. See the Cisco IOS software configuration guide for your switch. Page – Statement Antenna Installation Warni Page 3 Follow these steps to open the top cover: Displays a list manyal infrastructure devices on your wireless LAN. If you press Esc Y more than ten times, you cycle to the first buffer entry.


Page The body responsible for the Ethernet If you changed the IP address, you lose your connection to the access Step 7 point. Proper installation of this radio according to the instructions found in this manual will result in user exposure that is substantially below the FCC recommended limits.

Intelligent Power Management for in-line power sources. Step 7 Attach the T-rail clips on aronet each end of the T-bar box hanger to the ceiling grid T-rails. Securing The Access Point Insert the security cable latch into the security cable slot on the access point.

Check each Step 3 item for damage. A small window appears containing a partial listing of xisco products.

Cisco Aironet 1130AG Hardware Installation Manual

Department Of Communications-canada This device must 1130ag any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Wep Keys Intelligent Power Management for in-line power sources. Unpacking The Access Point 5.


The use of a tamper-resistant head screw does not restrict access to the access point cables Note or the mode button. After a successful power-up sequence, the LED turns light green to signify that manhal are no client devics associated, or it turns blue to signify that there are client devices associated. Page of Go. Page 2 You can determine whether your equipment is causing interference by turning it off.

Opening the Access Point Cover The top cover provides access to the cable bay area containing the power connector, Ethernet port, console serial port, the mode button, and the Ethernet and Radio LEDs. Step 3 Enter the case-sensitive password Cisco and press Enter. You can also contact the Cisco service and support website for assistance: IP address and shared secret for an authentication server on your network server authentication port Express Security Limitations Because the Express Security page is designed for simple configuration of basic security, the options available are a subset of the access point security capabilities.

Don’t show me this message again. Using The Mode 113ag You can also use the Web browser interface to reload the access point image file.