Cobray Streetsweeper Shotgun Schematicshome Made Of cobray Street Sweeper Shotgun Manual – Pdf class 3. Manual only – Cobray Street Sweeper 12 gauge al,23 pages, excellent condition. for sale by Roachs Sporting Goods on GunsAmerica. Cobray Sweet Sweeper 12 Ga. 12 Shot Shotgun Parts Kit.

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PSS captive piston silent pistol, 7.

Australian Army- Request for Tender for the Supply of 5. Turning the Tables on Terrorists”.

On this it gives the caliber as 9×18? Long discussion on ammunition and powders with much relevant history. Courtesy Branko Bogdanovic Collection. M79 40mm launcher- TM, July Vityaz-SN submachine gun- 9x19mm.

The Complete Book of Combat Shotguns. Military Carriages and other manufactures of the Royal Carriage Department.

Chartered Industries of Singapore factory promotion brochure, color. For the Portuguese style.

Cobray Company

The legacy of Cobray is a poor one, with most firearms collectors and enthusiasts agreeing that the company’s products were poorly designed and marketed, as well as being impractical. Leatherwood Adjustable Ranging Telescope- M Beretta 92SB-F sales brochure, Color catalog with the hammerless shotguns from Bayard, as well as the 9mm military pistol and the pocket strete, showing spare part diags.


November steeet report on the Tunnel weapon- a revolver using a modified captive piston type ammunition that was silent and launched shot. Street Sweeper 12 shot, 12 gauge repeating shotgun. Accles Machine Gun, Carriages and Mounts. Final Report, October Observations by Cpl R.

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manuall This is a Kiraly design. Fleming Firearms brochure from with price list for conversions. Starting in the s, Dan Shea would send letters to anyone who advertised Class 3 items in any publication, to gather info and see what could be bough Courtesy Dan Shea, Small Arms Review Reference Library. Republic Arms, Houston Texas. Museum may be Dormant as of The Cobray Trademark is registered to a privately owned company in the US.

Multi-language pamphlet on the event.


HK Factory brochure, explaining the entire concept. English language factory brochure, VSS AS 9x39mm integrally suppressed sniper rifle. HK Factory brochure, English language color photos and diagrams, complete description of the system. Ordnance Technical Intelligence Report No Manuql Magnum derringer.


Gatling Gun Drill,for the British Navy. Similarly, the Lady’s Home Companion is regarded as a wildly impractical pistol, due to its cambering in gov. US Government document, Signed by Jim Alley. Thompson 50 round C-Drum.

Accles Machine Gun- similar to the manual, from a photocopy, different illustrations. This is when Lynn McWilliams and Dr. Handbook for the Nordenfelt Gun. Evaluation of Norma 5.

Small Arms Archive List: April

Handbook style, excellent photos. Original document used for Drill. SIG Swiss made submachine gun, in calibers 7. Factory catalog frommetal links, plastic blank ammunition and drill cartridges, linking machines.

English, German, and Hungarian Magyar language. Second printing, June