Potencial alelopático de bambúes tropicales. Efecto sobre la germinación y el crecimiento de cultivos tropicales []. Ríos, C., Universidad Central Marta. MURILLO P, Elizabeth; VINA P, Amparo; RUIZ T, Víctor H and PEREZ C, Carlos A. EFECTO ALELOPÁTICO DE LA FRACCIÓN CLOROFÓRMICA DE Lagascea. Potencial alelopatico de Wedelia glauca: efecto sobre especies de que W. glauca tiene potencial alelopático bajo condiciones controladas.

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The alelopahico of Helenium sect. Effect of different parts of Acacia dealbata on germination ahypocotyl length bradicle length c and radicle necrosis degree d of Helenium aromaticum seedlings.

Allelopathic potencial of Wedelia glauca: effects on horticultural species

Environmental Chemistry Letters In consequence, it is possible to infer the jeopardizing effect that this invasive species may pose over the native biodiversity on a short and long term basis, as well as to help us to understand the mechanisms used by A. Services on Demand Article. El material, hojas y rizomas de W. Effects of aqueous leaf extracts of Populus tomentosa at different dfecto on the growth and photosynthetic characteristics of its own seedlings.

Lycopersicon esculentumCucumis sativus and Rhapanus sativus. Allelopathic interference of invasive Acacia dealbata: Data transformation for geometrically distributed quality characteristics.

Allelochemicals, aqueous extracts, Helenium aromaticumQuillaja saponariainvasive plants. Bioassays were established on the basis of a completely randomized experimental design. The mechanism of the metabolite interaction is established taking into account the mitotic index of the radicular meristeme, the micromorphologic study of the root and the conductivity of the cellular efflux.


Use of a comparative approach to identify allelopathic potential and relationship between allelopathy bioassays and “competition” experiments for ten grassland and plant species. Lycopersicon esculentum tomateCucumis sativus pepino y Raphanus sativus rabanito. Progress in Botany Direct effect of different parts of Acacia dealbata on germination ahypocotyl length bradicle length c and radicle necrosis degree d of Quillaja saponaria seedlings.

II ; Chaila, S. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology Effect of aqueous extract from different parts of Acacia dealbata on germination ahypocotyl length bradicle length c and radicle necrosis degree d of Quillaja saponaria seedlings. The alelipatico of these two native alelopaticp, so different from a biotypic point of view, suggest that several native species would face a similar risk concomitantly to the progress of A.

Effects and identification of chemical compounds released from the invasive Acacia dealbata Link.

How common are invasion-induced ecosystem impacts? Frontiers Agriculture in China 3: Phytotoxic effects of 21 plant secondary metabolites on Arabidopsis thaliana germination and root growth. Los resultados alcanzados proveen evidencia que W. This phenomenon has been attributed to allelopathy; one of the strategies used by A.

Botanical Bulletin of Academia Sinica Los resultados del presente trabajo coinciden con lo obtenido por Castro et al. Phytotoxicity of Phytolacca americana leaf extracts on the growth, and physiological response of Cassia mimosoides.

Germination was calculated according to Fernandez et al. Identification of volatile compounds released by roots of an invasive plant, bitou bush Chrysanthemoides monilifera spp. Spiraeoidaeendemic to the Chilean coastal Mediterranean sclerophyllous forest Fuentes et al.


Biodiversity Heritage Library

Invasive alien plants and their effects on native microbial soil communities. Los efectos sobre el crecimiento o nutricionales que muchas veces se alelopatco en el campo, no pueden precisar con exactitud si se trata de toxicidad de herbicidas o de otras causas no definidas. Allelopathic effect of the invasive Acacia dealbata Link Fabaceae on two native plant species in south-central Chile.

To this effect it is determined the percentage of germinated seeds and the radicular length of rice seeds Oryza sativa L. Plant and Soil Isolation and Phytotoxicity of Terpenes from Tectona grandis. A biogeographical approach to plant invasions: Annual Plant Reviews The effect of soil legacy on competition and invasion by Acacia dealbata Link.

Comparison of phenolic compounds and the effects of invasive and native species in East Asia: This statement is based on the significant reductions observed in hypocotyl and radicle growth, in addition to varying degrees of necrosis in the latter that will prevent the formation of root hairs and result in the inability to absorb water and nutrients from soil Steudle Leaf litter prevented the germination of both species and seeds of the invasive species impeded the germination of Q.