ORDER AND BUY THE REQUEST tax exemption YOUR CASH REGISTER, ALL MODELS OFFER VALID ONLY FOR THE MARCHE REGION. In stock. Epson FP81 II mm. Product no.: Epson FP81 II mm. Be the first to rate this product. In stock can be shipped within 5 days. Possible delivery method. Επιστρέψτε στις επιλογές υποστήριξης για Epson FP Greek sample. Εκτύπωση Print a Windows Test Page from the General tab of the Epson driver.

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For detailed instructions, refer to article – How to open the Printers or Printers and Faxes folder in Windows The window will open on the Main tab.

Epson FP81 II -57mm + Tastierino

Turn off the printer and wait until there are no lights displayed on the printer control panel. Power off the printer and check for obstructions peson the paper feed path or print head.

Epson FP Greek sample. If printing is slow, follow the steps below to resolve this issue: If after following this guidance, fp881 printer operation check printing is still slow contact Epson for fp8. Hardware and minimum requirements Cloud Mobile is touch screen and it is possible to connect it to the fiscal cash register.


Click OK to save the settings. You must restart the computer after completing this task. The table below lists the factors affecting print speed only.

Click Continue if an information Note Fast Economy, Economy, Draft, Normal. Perform a printer operation check. If printing is normal then the problem is related to your system resources. Click on the Advanced button in the bottom-right of the Main tab. If your printer has a lever, check that this lever is in the normal paper position when using plain paper.

According to the current regulations, a display and a keyboard must be installed in addition to the fiscal printer in order to issue the receipt also in case of software failure. Click on the Maintenance tab or the Utility tab if it is present: Close any unnecessary applications and try printing again. Clarification of Print Speed Specifications: The printer operation check sheet should be printed in less than a minute.

Right-click the icon for your Epson printer. The system supports any EAN13 bar code scanner on the market keyboard emulatoreven via Bluetooth. Check if High Speed is enabled in the printer driver. Selecting incorrect printer or printer driver settings can epaon cause print quality problems.

Epson FP81 II -58mm

This is to slow down the epsn speed and prevent the printer mechanism from overheating and being damaged. Just as printing at a high resolution requires more processing time than printing at a low resolution, printing in colour takes longer than printing in Black and White because the volume of data in a colour document is much larger.


Printing is very slow: Not yet an Epson partner?

Epson recommend using a cable no longer than 1. Ask to our technicians for details. Click the Main tab.

The table below lists the factors affecting print speed: If you would like to register as an Epson partner, please click here. If you do not consent to the use fp18 third-party cookies, some of these features may not be available. If the issue is still present.

FPII – Software & Document – Fiscal Printer – Download – POS – Epson

Lift up the printer cover and ensure that the ink cartridges are seated correctly and there is nothing obstructing the ink cartridge holder or print head. If printing remains slowmove to Step 2.

Parallel interface users can further increase print speed by enabling DMA transfer on computers that support ECP mode. Important notes before proceeding: For older drivers, locate the Mode section on the Main tab.