The walker has a choice of three paths from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean along the length of the Pyrenees. The most northerly, the Pyrenean Way, officially . Brian Johnson’s revised guide to hiking the Spanish GR11 will be published by Walking the GR11 (Senda Pirenaica) in what is the earliest date to avoid. GR Senda Pirenaica [GR] – Wandermap is one of the largest collections of hike routes on the web. Hike routes can be mapped or uploaded from GPS.

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There are two ways of approaching it, either by the nearest town in this case Lladorefor the valleys. Hi Steve, Me and my partner are planning a trip to the Maladeta in the Spanish Pyrenees in the beginning of September.

GR 11 – Senda Pirenaica | Telemark Pyrenees

For the last two options you will need to book the refuges. Again, although the maps are ssnda very accurate, I found some incredible errors. Steve — Thank you so much — I have decided to head to the Appenines Italy where temperatures are still reasonable.

We are off on Friday and very excited. You need to turn left. Thank you very much for your elaborate reply!

I guess you will be following the GR11 trek. For scenic value I would chose Venasque. Some will have open access to certain areas but no staff and no facilities so you would have to carry your food and cooking gear.


GR-11 Senda Pirenaica

Try in the Basque Country, perhaps. I would really appreciate your advice! We will go in from near Toulouse …. My third is edible, much prized and much prised open. The most important thing to know about the weather pirsnaica that it tends to deteriorate after I am flying to toulouse and was planning to go on public transport to luchon.

Hopefully this could be the start denda a regular family mountain walking summer holiday! Also if its possible could you email me a high resolution version of the map.

What are the conditions to hike the first section of the gr Hendaye- St-Jean-Pied-de-Port in early May next weekfrom 5th to May 12th ?

I plan on camping for most pirenzica the way, with a combo of camping food and food from accommodation. We are planning to walk from the pirenqica of June ; do you think that it is possible thinking of possible snow on the trail?

We pirsnaica planning a 2 day loop from Tavascan up to Certascan, staying overnight on October 5. On the other hand I have walked from Estos to Portillon and last year from Soula to Portillon which takes in part of the same route. The walk from Hospital de Benasque to Portillon sounds a bit to much for us on the first day of the trek… would you recommend walking from Hospital de Benasque to Estos via Refugio du Maupas in two days?

Some of the refuges may be closed eg Arletso you will need to check if the winter dormitory is open, and take your own food and sleeping bag. Hello Steve, thank you for the info on your website.


Hello Bunnie and Allen I was there staying at Bordes de Graus, which is now shut for the winter a couple of weeks ppirenaica. Not so high but looks beautiful — Next year to the Pyrenees! Vous pouvez aussi vous abonner sans commenter. So you will be limited to the two ends of the walk. Ask about Manel the shepherd, and go and see the ice house.

Map of the GR10 (Pyrenean Way) and GR11 (Senda Pirenaica) with accommodation – Walking the Pyrenees

Also do you have a time-slot for your holiday yet? Thanks in advance, Julian. Shepherds seem to be more willing to accept the sensa constraints.

Thanks for the report. Beware, however, this is a primitive hut. It is a good place for a picnic because it is sheltered from the wind.

Map of the Senda Pirenaica, Spanish GR11

Hi, wonderful and useful map! It is a mid-slope route with the highest pass at m above sea level. According to the authorities, the measures taken to protect livestockprincipally sheep, from wild animals can be seen to work in Catalonia. And will I be able to use the toilets of places without actually staying there important stuff?

Would you be so kind to send this vector map in high resolution that you have?