: Tentada / Tempted (La casa de la noche / A House of Night) ( Spanish Edition). Title, La casa de la noche / House of Night: Tentada & atrapada & indmita / Tempted & Hunted & Untamed La casa de la noche / House of Night. La casa de la noche / House of Night: Tentada & atrapada & indómita / Tempted & Hunted & Untamed: P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast: Books.

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Anyways, now that Zoey and Erik are temporarily on a break Erik was being a normal man and Zoey dumped him for itshe has officially made Stark her Warrior and Heath her Consort, aka have her cake and eat it too. I know I made my dislike for Zoe clearly so why do I continue to read this series. Adored the cover British version of a cool girl in the darkness. Even Erik deserves better; wouldnt anyone be slightly irritated if everytime they turn their back, when they look around again a demon is groping your very-enthusiastic girlfriend, and then they sleep with another guy, and then they drink and have sexual stirrings with yet another guy????

Here’s my bottom line: At this point in the series Zoey is more confused then ever. They had a nice material, indeed He put his life on the line for Zoey and she better appreciate it! Also, Zoey knows Stevie Ray is hiding something and she struggles to trust her best friend.

I HATE cliff hangers on a series. The plot thickened, the characters fleshed out and Rephaimthe injured Raven-Mocker and favoured son of Kalona made a wary appearance on the palette of dubious but memorable characters.

Stephenie Meyer already based her Vamp high council in Italy, and you guys literally took a line right out of Twilight – he was more Angel than Demon – I mean please!! Also, the writing is so repetitive. I better rush to burned! As they plot out their plans to get to where Neferet and Kalona are, Zoey tentasa more and more confused about who Kalona really is and which side he is on.


So many points of view were unnecessary, albeit interesting. The High Vampyre Council? These are the things i liked Which they’re really not. As soon as I realized where the story was headed I had a horrible feeling in my gut and I prayed against hope, it did not end that way. Da kann man doch als Leser wirklich nur noch mit den Augen rollen, oder?

It tells the reader basically nothing they didn’t know before, it felt like filler, nothing but words to fill up the empty space between books. Something that would actually make me feel slightly bad for the characters.

Although something tells me that the Cast’s will just fill the void Heath left with some other useless boyfriend. It would be one thing if the authors were trying to prove a point that they don’t have to cuss to sell books.

Download La casa de la noche / House of Night: Tentada & atrapada & indómita / Tempted & Hunted

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Heath is way too sweet and adorable and cute and amazing for someone as snotty as Ms. They use the same tentaea about 50 billion times.

This book will have you laughing out loud. I’m starting to think this series may be a little to young for I feel in love with this series after book 2.

They should have made the cover one of those holographic images where if you tilt it to the side, it also shows Zoey hugging Nigjt, with Stark nigh th Unfortunately I saw a pretty big spoiler before I finished reading this, so I already knew which contestant got ‘eliminated’ on this episode of The Bachelorette. I’m tempted to re-read this series with a red pen in hand, and then send the copies to the authors.

Erik is just way too one-dimensional. I like it when a series progresses from wince-inducing to wholly-engrossing with each successive instalment. I was a little disappointed in Eric’s characterization. It’s like I just started to care about Heath and then All of my favorite characters were there and this time, the point of view switches, mainly between Zoe and Stevie Ray, but we do get a glimpse into the minds of several other characters. It didn’t really get interesting until I was over halfway through with the book, but the ending had a decent cliffhanger, so it wasn’t all bad.


How long is P. And Aphrodite is the love goddess?

Tentada (La Casa de la Noche, #6) by P.C. Cast (3 star ratings)

I laughed my butt off when Eric said, “I’m sick jouse you cheating on me with everyone who has a dick. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The premise was intriguing, though I found and continue to find that most of the characters are pretty flat. This one also felt a bit after school special at times.

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He’s the only character in the book who comes close to actually being developed. PC was born in the Midwest, and grew up being shuttled back-and-forth between Illinois and Oklahoma, which is where she fell in love with Quarter Horses and mythology at about the same time. Don’t think I like that trend at all. The beak was very disturbing. Stevie Rae also confesses about the other red fledglings, but keeps Raphaim a secret. Well, this would be good for many reasons.

I’m pretty sure I saw Damien’s name transposed with Darius. This particular book is a filler, dragged on to produce more sensational books within the series. Aphrodite ‘s visions spell doom, despair and the end of the civil world unless Zoey takes action.

Sure she has all the magic power thingies, but even that’s not all Okay, I might spoil a few things here, so be warned. It doesn’t make me think you guys are more original or anything, it just makes me think you can’t spell. It was interesting to read from other characters’ perspectives, though it bothered me that Zoey’s sections were always in first person and everyone else’s in third per I got sucked into this series after reading the first book.