7 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from ‘jebemiseknjiga’ hashtag. Top posts. Jebe mi se nije knjiga za decu, ali jeste knjiga za dete skriveno u odrasloj · Zvezde retko kada zaista padnu na zemlju. Mnogo češće se kao slučajno. Slovenian. 2. izd., 2. ponatis. Ljubljana: Mladinska knjiga. 3. Jebe mi se: najuzvišeniji duhovni put by John C Parkin. Jebe mi se: najuzvišeniji duhovni.

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I don’t even know why Hay House published this, it’s we below par of what they usually do. I gave this book one star, but that’s only because a zero-star rating was not available.

I borrowed this book filled with hope, the title was intriguing, and I wanted to see how many ji I was already living to their fullest. He even talks at the beginning of the book about how the phrase just feels good to say, for cultural reasons. The premise is simple enough, and one that I actually agree with: And while all that philosophy CAN be explained in just those few sentences or even just in the title!

The basis of this book is to say that our lives are full of meaning, or misplaced meaning. Like an agile dancer that moves and changes easily, to create something beautiful, Knjiba Living is about having a mind that moves and changes easily to create something beautiful. Here it goes then: When you say fuck it, you are giving up your tension in whatever you are saying it to, and replacing it with a mind open to whatever happens next.


As a female driver who sticks to the speed limit I am quite often on mj receiving end of this and let me tell you, there is nothing spiritual about it.

F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way

Somewhere along the way, they forget to relax and enjoy the details and get wrapped up in the big picture. However, what John Parkin This is one of the most inspirational books I have read this year. Knjiga mi nikako nije legla. But there are never provisions made for ‘sometimes these scenarios are incorrect’.

You can only see the word so many times, applied to so many situations, before it becomes a slightly obscene and pointless turn of phrase. Start trying to please yourself more and see what happens.

F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way by John C. Parkin

It is such a juxtaposition that it undoes ze of the learnings from the previous first-half of the novel. After the first pages I was bored and utterly annoyed, and honestly I had heard good things and wanted to finish and be a changed man.

The author applies this method to almost every aspect in life and he does it well. All you have to know is that if you are ever feeling too stressed or too overwhelmed or too lost, just fuck it and move on.

No need, just remember that whatever happens, if you end up with 0 then you can just go on benefits and soon find a house to live in and then get a job and everything will be back to normal! Want to Read saving…. I want my time back. Fuck it, get a new job, I think he takes it a bit too far when he states that we should go from activists to pacifists to not caring about the planet, because it doesn’t “matter”.


As others reviewers have pointed out, the title really does say it all. I tend to use it frequently, much to everyone else’s chagrin. And beneath all the profanity and saucy knnjiga is a huge amount of knowledge that people in the East have been doing for years.

I love snark, also called sarcasm. I suspect, though, that this will be a personal preference that depends on the reader. It’s the Total Perspective Vortex of books – you’re not important, and you never will be important not on a universal scale, at any rateso you might as well live the best life you can and not stress over the details. In a couple of areas there were mixed messages – like the section on Plans and Goals. Parts of this book I really liked. Lists with This Book.

When I saw this title on NetGalley, I thought I would be getting a wonderfully funny, irreverent book with a tongue-in-cheek presentation of philosophy. Jun 07, Alex rated it did not like it Shelves: Jul 05, Lindsay rated it liked it.

Read it or avoid it, but form your own opinion either way.