Download the catalogue and request prices of Keraseal By mapei, protective varnish, complementary products Collection. MAPEI. Search all products and retailers of MAPEI: discover prices, catalogues, and novelties. KERASEAL – Protective varnish. Save. Polyurethane sealant. Supplies for the Tiling Industry. Including Mapei, Schluter, LTP, Dural and Collingwood. Keraseal. We can’t find products matching the selection.

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South Cypress works to consistently provide a unique customer experience and deliver value through highly personalized service and unmatched product expertise.

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Maintenance work on Roads” P. Applied on floating screeds Adesilex G19 Two-component epoxy-polyurethane adhesive.

Wall facing

That is why the forthcoming Europeanelections to elect Before facing, any substrate unevenness has to be evened using cement mortar. Special jointing compounds for ceramic tiling have not yet been tested.

Minimum waiting time between first and second coat: If for logistic reasons this is not possible,vigorous kreaseal of the metal surface shouldbe carefully and thoroughly carried out toremove all rust.


We look forward to working with you on your project! The below link refers to an exact instruction for use of flexible glue, anchors and base bars: The facing has to be anchored to the wall with stainless steel ties while walling.

Thicker adhesive beds will require moreproduct. Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Keracolor Flex” P.

Surface membranes, levelling compounds, primers, waterproofing, ready mixed mortars, special products for the repair of concrete, admixtures for mortar and concrete, adhesives for floor and wall coverings including, ceramic tiles, natural stone, resilient flooring and wood.

This guide will include: These three elementsmust never be considered as single, independent entities, but rather analysed within a systemicframework The hydrophobic product used should meet several basic requirements:.

Keraseal mapei pdf

Any reproduction of texts, photos and illustrations publishedhere is prohibited and subject to prosecution GB A. Preparing the productPour 1. If you are attempting to order this product with additional items on our website, please contact our Sales Team for assistance at Featured Downloads View all downloads. The below link refers to an exact instruction for use of mapri glue, anchors and base bars:.

Menatwork – KERASEAL (MAPEI)

Introduction For designers Wall facing. Elastorapid may beapplied on vertical surfaces without sagging,and even large-sized, heavy tiles do not slip. Eco-sustainable system for the rapid installation on existing flooringwith under-floor sound-proofing systemporcelain tilesadhesiveGranirapidgroutKerapoxy CQsealantMapesil AC3. It is not advisable to seal during thesummer season; joints are at theirmaximum expansion.


The pursuit of sustainable development depends on our capacity to guarantee the totalthe economy, society and the environment. When transported over long distances,an insulated container may be needed.

One half of my heart the red-and-black part was astoundedbut the other half that beats black-and-green Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “FastTrack” P. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Soundproofing Wooden Floorings” P.

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Cementitious Adhesives for installing Ceramic Tiles ad Natural stone”. This trend has also led This product has a minimum order quantity in place. Interior Living by Ultratop Loft – Mapei. Homeowners get a full refund for samples with purchase. Repairing concrete floors in industrialenvironments, warehouses, shopping centres, etc.