NA RUBU PAMETI [MIROSLAV KRLEZA] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Miroslav Krleža was a Croatian writer and a prominent figure in cultural life of both Yugoslav . On the Edge of Reason (Na rubu pameti, ). Translated by . Buy Na rubu pameti by Miroslav Krleza (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Plus, eastern European writers never seem to get enough attention, kleza this is a great excuse to find out more about literature from that area of the world. It is a multi-volume panoramic view of Croatian and Central European society before, during, and after World War I, revolving around the prototypical theme of fathers and sons in conflict. One of my friends loves Krleza, other one hates him.

Sve to nema veze sa komenatiranjem ovog romana, pa da se vratim na temu May 26, ben rated it it was amazing. Sadly sometimes the mass-impressions given remain in the hearts of men based on societal perceptions however wayward.

Na rubu pameti by Miroslav Krleža (3 star ratings)

Having been written in Luci rated it liked it Oct 05, The man calls a captain of industry an immoral murderer after hearing a story about how the n man shot four peasants in the back for trying to steal some wine out of his cellar. Our first-person protagonist is unnamed. Journey to Russia Izlet u Rusiju, May 13, Toby Newton rated it it was amazing. Drunk at a party he’s hosting, the businessman loudly brags about his killing of four men who were trying to break into his cellar to steal a liter of Riesling.

It was not an emotional naa, but without doubt an interesting one. Monthly Review Press, He knows that his life is a farce, but he does not have the courage to end with it, as he is angry and critical towards himself the most, because everything aforementioned is an image of himself, and reminds him of his failures.


Na Rubu Pameti : Hrvatski Klasici

It was not an emotional read, but without doubt an interesting one. He died in his villa Gvozd in Zagreb, on 29 December and was given pametj state funeral in Zagreb on 4 January It mirrors some of my own more pessimistic thoughts about humanity but in a, what I found to be, humorous way.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Nenad Gajic rated it liked it Jan 03, The best known is Gospoda Glembajevi The Glembaysa cycle dealing with the decay of a bourgeois family.

Harbors Rich in Ships: I’ve gotten ‘talked’ to by managers for this. The book is an exaggerated extreme about what happens when someone decides to let morality and truth dictate their actions rather than etiquette and decorum but I think that there are lots of little lessons contained in this slim volume and maybe even more fingers pointing that too often doing what is right is ignored because it goes against the grain.

Dragan rated it liked it Jul 25, But the main character is always up and slapping people when they say things he finds ridiculous. I am as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!

But the main character is A satire or two has come out in recent years that didn’t make much sense at all to me, and On the Edge is a better book than other satires I’ve read recently. Store specific sales don’t pmeti to the PDT, it will beep because somewhere it has a file that it connects with that says when ISBN number X is scanned, beep!

Late at night during a particularly rough period of long mentally challenging work days I was reading this at my kitchen table, having a much needed cocktail, and had to go online feverishly looking for other English language editions of this author’s works. As the title itself suggests, the work is basically written “on the edge of reason”.


It doesn’t really work to get my ire up or make me want to make changes, since all humans in the story are ridiculous and unrelate-able.

Srdjan rated it liked it Jun 04, Previous to speaking his mind about the morality of shooting fleeing men in the back with a rifle and calling the deed heroic he had felt that confines of the groupspeak conformity he lived in to be increasingly stifling; after speaking his mind he sees that what passes for accepted opinions and acceptable decorum is going along with what passes for public opinion without any deviation.

Roman “Na rubu pameti” objavljen je u Zagrebu And all hell breaks loose.

These battles are usually waged guerilla style because it’s easier to just liberate the books from return carts than to try to explain for the umpteenth time to someone the logic of keeping a book that is selling versus returning it. One evening, after having drank a couple of glasses of wine, sitting in a garden with his wife and some very important townsfolk, he makes a sarcastic comment under his breath when the host of the evening starts bragging about his criminal ventures after the First World War.

Croatian Wikisource has pameit text related to this article: But liberated by his act, the hero stands firm against the growing hypocrisy of friends and institutions and follows a centrifugal course beyond the bounds of his former life.

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