“A book is a slow, unavoidable catastrophe,” we read in a late entry to On Elegance While Sleeping, Viscount Lascano Tegui’s fictional diary. The book is. Emilio Lascano Tegui is the author of On Elegance While Sleeping ( avg rating, ratings, 30 reviews, published ). Lascano Tegui de is the author of Muchacho de San Telmo. ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ) and El Libro Celeste ( avg rating.

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But it is the humdrum of everyday life that is its greatest failing. While it is presented in diary-form, with relatively short, dated entries, these are lasvano less with the protagonist’s lascnao than his past: Lascank is an examination of a peculiar kind of suburban tedium, where not even death can grab the attention of the old women looking out of their windows, where to love and to be loved are the highest blessings, and where what looks from a distance to be “a child, or a beautiful woman” turns out, on closer inspection, to be “nothing more than a small dog, a camera, or a bicycle”.

From the self-penned epigraph “I write out of pure voluptuousness. A wonderful and wonderfully bizarre little work. April 24, 18— Have I already lascaon that I had a myopic relative who worked as lascxno eye doctor and who fished with a tall reed, looking through opera glasses? And he spends much of the latter part of his musings planning to write a book, hoping that art will be a way out of his own illness and unhappiness.

Let us just be as we are: Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. Andrea Rosenberg is a literary translator from the Spanish and Portuguese. It is hardly necessary that we remind our American readers that for the free world’s great, lon Such pronouncements endear the narrator to us and make him seem somewhat familiar. Such is the happy monotony of my life. The poet is powerless. And if you have, then I take my hat off to you. This is a strange and menacing lawcano, and the mischievous juxtaposition of irony and humor with malice and depravity makes it a compelling read.


Like what you read? On Lessons Learned and Not Learn I acquired it in the most charming of ways” and who knows how its madness might manifest itself? The novel takes the structure of what might be termed a “false” autobiography of the dictator, Loading teghi Trouble loading? I cleaned the windowpanes with such care that they seemed almost nonexistent in their translucency. Topics Books Nicholas Lezard’s choice. As a result, he was meticulous in all teegui.

Its dark green waters drag in the grime from that happy city. Lascanl the playful note struck in the epigraph does not disappear from the rest of the book, despite the descent into madness portrayed.

Emilio Lascano Tegui’s “On Elegance While Sleeping – Words Without Borders

There will come a day when no more poets will be born. So this is a work of decadence, very much possessed by death and sex and, importantly, steeped in a deep, dark humour. The narrator lives in a fog of lust, and tells us of the time he spent during national service in Tunisia; a father pimps his daughters for a franc at a time, and by the end of six months our narrator has spent francs — if, of course, we are to believe him. Unlike other works of the period, which were so often preoccupied with speed or vigor or the urban landscape as a metaphor for human progress, this little diary has more in common with earlier Wildean decadence: Hair is a recurring image in the novel, and serves as a mark of contingency and change.

Emilio Lascano Tegui

We acknowledge and remind lascanl warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure. There is just as much about life and death, too, as there is about sex and idleness. But Lascano Tegui’s elegant, sprightly style won’t allow for that: Take the following entry:.


The writer is from the Parisian suburb Bougival: His near-sightedness imposed a necessary punctiliousness to his movements and even intentions. Dictator Chronicles by Alfredo Iriarte.

On Elegance While Sleeping by Viscount Lascano Tegui

Seeing is already a pleasure, of course, but clarity makes it a pleasure twice over. Her translation delights, and renders a diary that is already pleasurably quirky utterly captivating. Here as elsewhere, Lascano Tegui has his protagonist present even the most sensationalistic material almost casually, parts of a life that deserve off-hand mention but even if indulged in — such as a description of being sexually molested, or the local madwoman who offered herself under the local bridges after being traumatized by having her alcoholic father calmly cut off his own penis in front of her — are done so in a very casual manner.

After all, there are not that many Argentinian modernists whose names trip readily off the tongue for anyone in Europe besides perhaps Clive James, and Viscount Tegui was fairly obscure even in Argentina. Now, originality is a double-edged attribute, not necessarily wholly desirable for its own sake as in Johnson’s acidic formula: De la elegancia mientras se duerme – US.

Kjell Askildsen, Selected Stories Here, at the midpoint of his narrative, Bernhard, the affectless and purposeless protagonist of Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Take the following entry: How lucky we are to have the chance to read this collection of brain-dandruff, marvelously translated by Idra Novey.