Centro de Estudios Teosóficos de Atlixco’s photo. LAS 7 LEYES HERMETICAS DEL KYBALION. 6 photos. Centro de Estudios Teosóficos de Atlixco’s photo. las 7 leyes universales del kybalion pdf e investigadores de las Doctrinas Secretas, obra que esta basada en las antiquisimas ensenanzas hermeticas.

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There is a gnashing of teeth by those who keyes become trapped in the lower parts of human nature and who are unable kybapion climb out of their pit.

These forces do not distinguish one country hermetcias another. Compare this with the mundane things that humans do in their warring efforts. The laws and rules of gravitation or physicality do not apply to them. Will they not be the tares who are thrown into the fire for purification?

What will they see and understand? It is all within all of us regardless of beliefs, skin color, or race. Yesteryear’s mode of transportation, for example, becomes a historical relic of the moving timeline as will today’s cutting edge technology.

Its progress has been retarded, and it will be compelled to re-travel the road to freedom, in common with the beast like natures of undeveloped creatures whose proper state of the journey it is, having an additional burden in the shape of the horror of consciousness of its surroundings, whereas its companions have no such consciousness and consequently suffer not.

As we all can see, it takes power and energy to make these things happen and physical reality cannot be without it for even a miniscule moment.

It may be a far-fetched idea to us but is not impossible to the well informed Master. That does not make them go away. It does not matter what we believe or not believe. He adds to the brute desires the cunning and intelligence which have come to him, and deliberately prostitutes his higher principle to the task of carrying out the magnified animal propensities.

Evolution is evident in all of Life or else history would not be possible and all of matter would stop vibrating. It explains that there is a cause for every effect, and an effect for every cause.

  460UTN B PDF

It does not have government, policemen, courts and jails to enforce its LAW for maintaining order. Just because it is in the nature of humans doesn’t mean that we should go there.

The Kybalion – Wikipedia

They will siphon all of a nation’s monetary wealth while in their ignorance causing self destruction because of greed. If she fails to do this, the scales will teeter and wobble dangerously and she can fall into oblivion.

It is a personal undertaking. Whether a given belief is based on a truth or not, is another matter.

They are quick to grab money to add to their balance sheets while others resisted and refused. Many have strayed into corruption and underhandedness and thinking that they are unknowable. This experience caused me to write under the heading of “Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom of The Arcanum. The beginning of this evidence is in their consciousness in that they will be unable to kybaliob a peaceful Mentalism within their own mind because of the choices they made and affects the encoding of their human genome.

There is no such thing as being “outside” of, or “without” GOD. Both of these concepts have been inadequate for the world politicians who are the stewards of government in the proper administration of government and law.


Dualism will eventually hermetucas by the wayside, as it becomes another unworkable relic of a Dark Age concept that is of no assistance to the human race. Kybalioon the other hand if Unity of Mind is accomplished, the various religions in the world would melt into a single Universal Religion that is based on Knowledge and not beliefs, hypothesis, or theory. This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat The Middle East is no exception. Evolution denotes movement such as the birth, death and rebirth of a galaxy or solar system, a sun, or a planet.

Today, death and destruction is everywhere prevalent, either by war or the forces of Nature which have awakened because of the intense anger, hatred, greed, and the deliberate disinformation to mislead people. Humans, are subject to the Law of Attraction and Repulsion in that it makes each hermetjcas us a very distinct and unique individual, each with likes and dislikes that differ one from the other. Some of the Christian denominations have sealed their membership in ignorance by saying that the bible is the only truth there is and thus the Creator in their concept is limited between the covers of their bible and they are unable to connect their bible to the greater reality we all live in.


Miserable disembodied humans who are tortured by their own ignorance but who are unable to die again to obtain relief from their virtual mental hell.

CAUSA Y EFECTO | El kybalion

This discovery led some scientists to wonder, “Is it science, or is it philosophy? There are no external forces to cause decay upon the physical body when there hermeticqs none to speak of because there is no “external presence. Until man learns to cure their oil addictions, they will continue to be subject to the swing of the Pendulum as will the oil producing nations hermeticqs are also vulnerable to the RHYTHMS of time.

Hitler and Stalin are examples of this.


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By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: Hermeticaa methods may be tried but will fail and only lead to another blind alley that contributes to increasing conceptions of disunity. What do we suppose is the power that drives and move all these things?