The LM/LMC positive voltage regulator features the ability to source 1A of output current with a dropout volt- age of typically V and a maximum of. The LM LMC positive voltage regulator features the ability to source 1A of output current with a dropout voltage of typically 0 5V and a maximum of 1V. The LM positive-voltage regulator features the Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet.

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You have 5V on the schematic which can’t work.

Read 1 time previous topic – next topic. Also why do you have 18MHz 1.

LMCT-5 Datasheet

Locate as close as possible to the regulator. The capacitor you linked to is 22pf, which is only one millionth of the specified value. If you look at page 18 in its datasheet the ESR for the uF, 6. The average voltage at the input is around 6. Your oscillations are at 18 Mhz where the ESR is hopefully very low. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read l2m940 understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

  FM 22-101 PDF

Vatasheet quote the ESR at kHz.

Post as a guest Name. Do you also have the input capacitor 0. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I just thought the OKIsr might be a little overkill in terms of cost for other similar stuff down the road.

The suggested solution in that appnote, figure 7 vs. May be increased without bound to maintain datashee during transients. However, I have found that higher-frequency fluctuations in voltage are not properly regulated by the LM, causing intermittent brown-out of the MCU.

Alas the data on minimum ESR is rather sketchy nothing for “C” case for exampleso you have to guesstimate from just these two graphs or get an ESR meter and measure it, or even just with your scope and lm2490 function gen that can hit those MHz frequencies where you see oscillation. This capacitor must be rated over the same operating temperature range as the regulator and.

National Semiconductor

Hi Russel, thanks for the feedback. Sign up using Email and Password. It can be 2x to 4x higher at 2 x mains frequency. KevinWhite, the 5V net label represents the lowest measured output from the rectifier circuit. Email Required, but never shown. Whether this is really what darasheet intend is unknown. Please see updated question with attached schematic. Is the scope trace shown when under load?


Because they don’t list ESR on data sheets or at least the ones I’m looking at. Russell McMahon k 9 The vishay datasheet shows change of ESR with frequency. Does anyone have any ideas how I might stabilize this output? Less crucial is a picture of the output voltage waveform especially as datashee don’t know what bad probing techniques you may have used. What is the input voltage? Datasbeet with that rating or higher is fine.

I believe that I have conformed to the guidelines in the datasheet. The datasheet specifies the drop-out voltage as 0.