View WOC from NURSING at Airlangga University. Makalah Neurogenic ; Airlangga University; NURSING – Summer. Looking for Documents about Makalah Urolithiasis? Makalah Dan Asuhan Keperawatan UROLITHIASISmakalah pbl 20 urolithiasis-kasus Do ureteric stent extraction strings affect stent-related quality of life or complications after ureteroscopy for urolithiasis: a prospective randomised control trial.

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This can be achieved by administrating 20 mg of furosemide in the anaesthetic room. Do not forget to check that your assistant is maintaining adequate stiffness of the wire whilst the stent is being inserted. The stone is then released from the basket, which urolkthiasis withdrawn from the scope, and replaced with an appropriate laser fibre for stone fragmentation. In such cases, care must be taken to ensure the distal end of the stent is not pushed too high in the ureter.

The working guide wire has been withdrawn slightly, such that the coiled loop is of smaller diameter.

The different laser settings and their effect on stone fragmentation have been highlighted in a recent publication [ 5 ]. Although these might be an option in very particular circumstances, in most cases involving an unfavourable ureter, it is usually preferable to place a stent and return for the definitive urolithiadis at a later date The decision to leave a safety wire outside an access sheath is one of personal preference. Meta-analysis of postoperatively stenting or not in patients underwent ureteroscopic lithotripsy.

One can consider using a double-tipped hydrophilic wire, thereby reducing damage to the fragile working channel of the flexible ureteroscope. Both calyces makaalh be inspected in turn before moving to the ,akalah calyx. If one pulls back on the device, the graspers may slip and offer a degraded specimen.

When placing the stent, if one is having difficulty with buckling at the UO, bring the cystoscope closer to the UO and push slowly under vision. Ureteral stenting and urinary stone management: With minor bleeding, increasing the irrigation for a few urolirhiasis may help improve the view.


Despite the majority of cases being relatively straightforward, many potential confounding factors can affect the success rates of these procedures. Ureteric stenting The placement of a ureteric stent, particularly in an emergency setting, such as relieving obstruction in an infected system, can be a daunting task.


By pulling back the wire slightly under fluoroscopy monitoring the renal endthe stent can then be advanced. However, as noted above, it is important to note that larger access sheaths can potentially cause ureteric ischaemia and even direct ureteric trauma including perforation. Whilst field of view may be reduced in some comparisons, this is counteracted by an increase in image size [ 7 ]. They facilitate multiple passages of the ureterorenoscope, urolithaisis intra-renal pressure and help improve irrigation flow [ 1 ].

Open in a separate window.

The scope is advanced into the patient to the upper pole — the presence of the safety wire in the upper calyx can aid this both under endoscopic and fluoroscopic control. Aspiration of the collecting system may result in further bleeding; therefore, urolitiasis patient and wait for the vision to improve.

The upper middle calyx will be visualised where the safety wire is located as the scope is moved to the upper lateral urloithiasis.

Before performing laser fragmentation in the kidney, makaah repositioning the stone into a more favourable position upper calyx or even upper ureter if feasible. Inglis1 and Daron Smith Other factors that can affect the quality of vision include the focusing of optical scope, adjusting the brightness of light, correct white balancing and appropriate use of vision enhancement features on the stacking system. When placing a stent it is useful to try and amkalah the proximal coil especially multi-length stent in the upper calyx, thus enabling a smaller component of the stent in the bladder.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

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Pass the sheath slowly, feeling for resistance when placing over the wire. It is important to be aware of the individual properties of the different intra-renal uroluthiasis available, and urolitthiasis to understand the pros and cons of the preferred basket.


A straight safety wire is present, but the working wire, over which the access sheath is being passed, is substantially coiled in the bladder. Deliberate, slow movements will get one around the whole collecting system faster than wild, fast movements. The scope is placed in the next calyces down, in the lateral part of the lower pole. This technique can be technically challenging and is not universally practised. It is pertinent and useful to remember that the ureterorenoscope has 3 user inputs to manipulate the tip: Selective urine cytology is an important aspect of urolitgiasis procedure.

When initially placing the ureteroscope, we would advocate having it free of all attachments irrigation channel, makalxh and camera leadsenabling smoother passage.

Of course, it is important not to leave the distal end too short! If one tries to envisage the potential problems preoperatively, appropriate solutions can be considered beforehand. These can migrate into the ureter and be tricky to reposition.

Do ureteric stent extraction strings affect stent-related quality of life or complications after ureteroscopy for urolithiasis: The stone has been successfully broken into small pieces. It pays to be careful when avulsing tissue as perforation of the collecting system may occur. We advocate performing an initial urolirhiasis ureteroscopy before placement of the access sheath. The aim is to keep the ureteroscope as straight as possible while fragmenting, reducing the risk of damage to the flexible ureterorenoscope see Figure 3.

Once tumor specimens are taken and still in the grasper, consider pushing the biopsy device forward to gently makala the biopsy.