ajeeb larki novel pdf, free download ajeeb larki urdu novel yaqoob jameel pdf, read online yaqoob jameel urdu jasoosi crime thriller book ajeeb. keay hain ap sab “ajeeb larki” parha acha novel hai mgr aisa hergiz nahi hai. wo larka rota rota apne ghr gaya aur apni ammi se ja k bola k mje fulaan larki( sara) ne maara hai, phir to jaise bichari sara k peeche koi.

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I reached her house at about 5: My name is Jamal and I want to kill malik chaudary. I had no idea how I managed to drive back home with out any accident.

I had no idea that how many traffic signals i broke. Login to find out February 5, at 6: My whole world was upside down. Free Urdu Pdf Books. Shut up and just keep on driving, he nogel. He was a sensible guy and accepted my offer with open heart. Follow Me At AaliJaah. I suspected a few time that she is using drugs caz her condition is was getting worse day by day. I shook hand with him but I could see the hate in her eyes for me.


Ajeeb Larki

Reproduction of material from any Naseeb. I know what I am doing and stop having pity on me. This was not the zara which I met in Pakistan. I made up mind one morning, took the jeep and headed towards my father? Sohrab had an accident a few months ago and his spinal cord got damaged. No body came back.

Ajeeb Larki by Yaqoob Jamil (Crime Thriller and Murder Mystery Solving Detective Story)

So u ajjeeb the ustaad over here, I teased her. How could u do that. There she was lying on the bed with lifeless eyes. I picked up the phone.

I saw a shadow moving towards my room. My eyes were full of tears. I got busy with my classes. I will, I answered. Gun men boarded the jeeps and they headed towards the fields. I am khurram, I replied. I was coming back and all of a sudden some thing touched back of my neck. I know u are not Jamal, by saying this I moved forward and pulled his mustache and also his turban.


I thought about the thing u said that I don? But my words got stuck in the throat. Her name was zara. Express your opinions, share your thoughts, post your writings and connect with like minded people through the power of expression. My heart was jumping with joy. I quickly grabbed my gun and slowly raised the curtain to take a look outside.

U can stay at my house tonight. Tu tum mera pheecha nehin chohro ge. I had a good time. Then I saw himlying on the ground with lifeless eyes and brain scattered all over the ground. He was fond of women and alcohol. What u have done to her?.