what new products might show up and so on. Check Awesome RC Videos at and stay updated! FPV Gear (3). I am Mansoor Ali, Ali Mansoor. I am a Professional Drone Pilot, Drone Flight Training and Drones Operation Training Specialist, RC Enthusiast, FPV Pilot. Developing opportunity for the FPV community. alishanmaooffline. 34 How to Setup Eachine E FPV VTOL Wing with FrSky Taranis X9D Radio.

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Email or Phone Password Forgot account? I was hoping for a new mobius edition, lens in the center, higher framerate, better internals. I got some pretty good laughs when you flew 2 FPV planes at one time very good. All times are GMT More or less a Gopro silver in a more sleek housing. I want that Skywalker with the landing gear!!

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This Electric little Monster Street bike is simply awesome. Not to mention, you have a good speed WiFi so you can stay connected to the world.

Alishanmao’s Highly Recommended Products December 21 at 9: FrSky Taranis Q X7 http: Take off was sweet, unfortunately Mary took a snapshot instead of recording video but immediately she was on to it. Order the Carry Case here http: Yeah I’ve been folllowing you for quite some time E-Glide V2 now weighs only If not, its about time you stop being stingy and get yourself a new Present. Its a highly recommended two thumbs up product.

Want to add to the discussion? I’m fully aware that it’ll take forever to get here, but I’m in no hurry. Now my Paramotor gives me even better climb rate, better flight efficiency and its much quieter than the previous one.

  DIN EN 806-3 PDF

It has built in battery and it can beep at db which is loud enough to hear. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. With its crazy fast and powerful flight performance, you can challenge your skills both indoors and outdoors. Alishanmao’s Highly Recommended Products December 22 at 8: Management is small but very friendly.

TinyHawk can take Speeds up to 56kph and offers Up to 4 minutes flight time on single battery. Alishanmao’s Highly Recommended Products December 16 at 7: Alishanmao’s Highly Recommended Products December 26 at 6: Unfortunatly at the end of the flight, I could not imagine that the whole big club house will move that fast in the way of my Mobula 7 and will kill it.

Fp the mobius have a big big support behind itself, with config files, lenses and whatnot. Check the wiki Check the wiki or search the subreddit before asking a question.

HappyModel Mobula 7, 2S battery powered FPV Whoop definitely takes the game to the next level with its high speed thrilling flight performance. This this is definitely a super FPV whoop and is coming highly recommended.

You can tweak various camera options easily using the control pad to suit your flying environment. I am going to install it on my home built Seeker V2 and see how far I can go with mW power. Hit this link now http: This is the closest I have found to a good comparison.

  EN 13201-3 PDF

Complete Videos here https: Alishanmao’s Highly Recommended Products added 2 new photos. Watch Complete Video here https: Grab your Maker Fire Armor 65 Xlishanmao here http: Often main battery disconnects upon crash and that disables even built in beepers on our drones. Alishanmao’s Highly Recommended Products December 19 at 7: Order FireFly Fortress Here http: Order Mobula 7 Apishanmao http: Alishanmao’s Highly Recommended Products.

ViFly Finder 2 can stay activated aishanmao long as 30 hours. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

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But native just cut in half vertically. These are very good value Chargers. Both chargers have built in power supply and or you can use them with a bigger lipo battery up to 4S to charge FPV Whoop 1S or 2S batteries in the field. Looks good, really good. I am glad that finally I have an Electric Paramotor that I can trust and I can fly it whenever weather is good. The videos that I’ve seen from it so far have me hopeful that it’s not a total waste of money, but if it is, at least it was cheap.

Watch complete Ride Video with commentary here. I was invited by a youtube viewer.