Battletech Field Manual *OP* (Battletech (Unnumbered)) [Catalyst Game Labs] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brand New in. Field Manual: updates the military and political state of the Inner Sphere forces for use in campaigns set in and after this critical point in BattleTech history. Battletech Field Manual: | Board Games | Board Games, bg | Set in the early years after the fall of the Word of Blake and the rise of the Republic of the.

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The rules and role playing section at the end again follow standard format, with one notable omission being any new units, but considering that it has rained Technical Readouts for a year or two now, the omission is not a noticeable loss.

However, this is not all that surprising as the whole point of the next fifty years of the BattleTech timeline is an attempt to create one giant interstellar group hug or pan-Human Sphere peace. Tvedten, fielx his attention to detail and obvious drive to improve from book to book, has provided the community with tools that are a wealth of detail.

Foster your BattleTech battlrtech, story or idea to fit your gaming needs. As with most BattleTech sourcebooks, sidebars are presented for additional detail, out of the way of the main body of text, with some larger actions or elements provided with larger blocks of independent text. The Magistracy of Canopus, always the poster child for getting things by using methods other than war, is as ever, doing better than the last time we visited.

The information on the Republic Armed Forces RAF in this chapter details the ranks, uniforms, decorations, formations and the associated Knights of the Republic. Jonathan rated it it was amazing Nov 21, A table of major events is also provided, outlining key points in the BattleTech Universe from However, not all is doom and gloom, as some mannual mercenary favourites have survived. Jihad Field Reports For some time now I have been tinkering with the idea of reviewing the new products… In our latest review of BattleTech products, we here at OurBattleTech look over what batttletech probably the nanual of the long fo… Battletech However, it would seem that the powers that be are finished with hearing the gloating of the Capellan Mafia on the forums.


Return to Book Page. Taurian fans will either be pleased that the Calderon Protectorate still exists, or see it as an insult, seeing that the Protectorate is what the Concordat should be.

The likely reason for the errors in Field Manual: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Mick Amnual marked it as to-read Dec 10, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Still this boils down battpetech to my personal taste more than anything.

Still, when looking at the encroaching wave of blue, many Free Worlds League fans are likely looking forward to the s already.

Battletech Field Manual 3085

Like How-To or Painting articles? Edited and added my bits to the review.

The Nova Manuak are the most surprising of the Clans, with their mystical hubris coming home to roost in a significant way. Battletech Field Manual 1 – 10 of 17 books.

Classic Battletech: Field Manual – | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Benjamin Koch added it May 19, Why would I want that? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Mark Mancuso rated it it was amazing Oct 28, However, Clan fans have little to complain about at the moment, unless their faction was recently Annihilated and the three deep periphery fans have not been heard from for some time now.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Black and white line art, courtesy of Mr. This grim reading is one of the more effective yardsticks of the past 35 years of BattleTech history. Username Password Remember Me. The only dark spot for the Magistracy appears to be the promotion of one Kit deSummerville to high rank, something not to be taken manul. Darrin Tolar marked it as to-read Jan 14, Other books in the series.

The next section of Field Manual: Want to see your ideas battldtech work here? The Ghost Bears are still a formidable power and a true threat to all their neighbours, overshadowing all other Inner Sphere Clans.

Battletech Field Manual Series

One of the strengths of Field Manual: The Periphery is a picture of contrasts, with some states celebrating, whilst others drown in a dark sea of their own making. Despite the death of central authority, all the old fiepd are still here, playing fiield the other children in the sandbox…in a manner akin to a cockfight.

If anyone is making the Free Worlds League look wholesome and strong, it is the god-awful state of the mercenary market in That was meant to be bandmaster, not badmaster, but as a member of the Capellan Mafia, it seems somehow appropriate.

Although many of the CCAF commands of the Era are still around, it would appear as if the age of the successful Capellan dield fit might be coming to a close.

There also appears to be some new units added to the roster that will hopefully be fleshed out down the track. David Delmont rated it it was amazing Feb 17,