Nog maar een maand en dan is het al weer tijd voor Lowlands! komt het blokkenschema online en kan je de LL18 app downloaden!. You are currently browsing the tag archive for the ‘blokkenschema’ tag. I was prepared for Sophie’s Choice galore, but turns out this year’s Lowlands timetable . in Lowlands, music, music festivals | Tags: , blokkenschema, lineup, Lowlands, programma, programme, schedule, schema, timetable.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Then comes the crucial moment: Should producers Buxton and Ratcliffe refrain from singing temselves? None of that happened, it was a surprisingly polite affair with Tyler The Creator even thanking the Dutch audience for being so great and hugging every single security guy at the end of the show.

Lowlands 2011

Most exciting outfit There were quite a few! Or Florence spinning around so vigorously during Cosmic Love she fell down. Does It Blokkenshema You, Yeah? Ook acts als Cinema Royale en Zwarte Koffie staan in augustus op het podium.

From a cheeky girl to a cheeky chappy, next stop: After I was lucky enough to get a back stage tour of the festival Guy Garvey waved at me! The evening started off with the delightful Selah Suea young Belgian girl with candyfloss blond hair who manages to belt bolkkenschema some impressive heartfelt Jamaican jams on her acoustic guitar. And social interaction with your festival mates is way overrated anyway, right?

  1040ES 2007 PDF

Lowlands – Wikipedia

Friday evening in the Grolsch tent second largest. Only to be shook up by the zesty zef rhymes from Ninja and Yo-Landi: Good god, what were these people thinking?? Stretched out in the grass, the waves of dark psychedelic harmonies and spaced out guitars made for a lowlannds drug free trip in the late afternoon. Did anybody care on Saturday night?

Kylie Minogue naar Glastonburykanshebbers voor onder andere Rock Werchter en Lowlands en meer. There were quite a few people who donned tea towel head dresses for the occasion and there was a lot of yelping and shaking going on, the nervy thumping Arabian sounds worked like a dance virus and infected all present. I decided to soak up some sun whilst listening to Broken Bells. How did that happen?

Guys want to join him in the pub for a pint, girls want to crawl into his arms and be safe and loved by this smooth voiced teddy bear. Hier is het feestje! I was stood right at the front and got a good look at the harmonious Brooklyn foursome. Right, back on my feet for some dancing moves I was off to see Lykke Liwhose second album I have played many a time over the last few months.

I rushed into the front of the Grolsch tent which luckily had enough room blokkehschema me to wriggle in and felt immediately at home. Ook de app is vanaf 26 juli te downloaden. Having seen her two times before I would say it took her and the band a bit more time to get into the swing of things, but later she explained that it was only the first date of this tour.


Check hier onze Lowlands playlist: Blok,enschema across the festivalgrounds takes its toll even on me, and so it happened that I was singing along to Drunk Girls whilst munching on a curry in the neighbouring food area.

Today you published the Lowlands timetable and I am devestated.

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Time for some peace and quiet, some poetry, some contemplation: Bit of a conundrum around 7 when CaribouJonsi and later Ginger Ninja and Air collide… Caribou will definitely get a look in though! He let some girl at the front decide and the dimwitted child went for the familiar Great Escape instead.

But I might slip away to catch The Dresden Dolls doing their thing in the India in stead… Well there we have it, another musical minefield of a timetable.

Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson. Thanks for the tip though! Elbow understands the need for uplifting pop songs in times of chainsaw dubstep noise and I welcome it.