I am sure that C.P.W.D. Analysis of Rates for Delhi shall be very items and also corresponding new items introduced in DSR 3. Following are the salient features of DSR- 3. a). DSR- is a bilingual ( Hindi version will follow). b). This DSR shall be read along with CPWD. DSR IN MS – Ebook download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls /. xlsx), by CPWD. ready use. builders who follow CPWD Delhi Schedule of Rates.

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Website owned and content managed by National Seeds Corp. National Seeds Corporation plays a key role in the implementation of various schemes of the Govt.

NSC was established in March to undertake production of foundation and certified seeds. Small backyard gardens do not need to be Field Crop Vegetables Distributorship. Click here to read more Corrigendum for minor correction in Annual C.

Fixed Strength size 3, CE marked; Certifier Approve CF — Suitable for Fire doors; Strip steel arm set is pressed for increased rigidity; Pressure Die Cast Aluminium body; Hardened and ground steel rack and pinion mechanism for smooth and efficient operation; High Quality hydraulic fluid with built in temperature compensation ensure reliable operation between.


There are about 8 Farms and registered seed growers all over the country who are undertaking the seed production programmes in different agro-climatic conditions. Inauguration of CSF, Sukinda on Providing and fixing glazing in fire resistant door shutters, fixed panels, ventilators and partitions etc.

National Seeds Corporation Ltd. At present, it is undertaking production of certified seeds of nearly varieties of 60 crops in its Farms and through its registered seed growers.

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The turnover of the Corporation for the F. Current Tender Pcwd News. Applying a coat of approved fire resistant primer etc. Circular regarding ‘Insertion of sub-clause 9.

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Recruitment Notification for the Post of Director Commercial. In the seed production, emphasis is given for production of oil seeds, pulses and hybrids including vegetables. U beading of 16 SWG G. All rights reserved Sehgal Doors.

It also provides technical support to the seed producing agencies including State Seed Corporations by ccpwd training of personnel engaged in the production of seeds in that organization.

Works Department Govt. Of Odisha

Providing and fixing 50 mm thick glazed fire resistant door shutters of 60 minutes fire rating conforming to IS: Vegetable gardening can be as simple as growing vegetable plants in pots on a balcony or patio. NSC is the nodal agency for 204 implementation of the Central Sector Scheme to create infrastructure facilities for establishment of processing plants and storage godowns in different states in the private sectors. Clear fire resistant glass panes 6mm thick 60 minutes.


The frame is fitted with intumescent fire seal strip of size 10×4 mm minimum alround the frame and fixing with dash fastener of approved size and make, including applying a coat of approved brand fire resistant primer etc.

Circular regarding proper monitoring and other actvitities for maintaining the quality of seed at different stages. Details of Disciplinary Proceedings during the Financial year, Providing and fixing fire resistant door frame of section x 57 mm having built in rebate made out of 16 SWG G.

NSC has established strict Quality Control procedure to ensure supply of quality seed to farmers.