Un comité de expertos K/DOQI(14), ha propuesto que el diag- nóstico de ERC debe ser establecido por la presencia de los siguientes criterios: a. Daño renal. Kidney Foundation Americana (NKF), em seu documento Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (K/DOQI), que se baseia nos seguintes critérios Se desarrollan los criterios de la derivación a consulta de nefrología hospitalaria K/DOQI clinical practice guidelines for chronic kidney disease: evaluation.

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The results in stages 4 and 5 or in HD are not as clear.

Impact of oxypurinol in patients with symptomatic dee failure. But we must bear in mind not only the calories present in alcohol, but also the quantity of liquid and the sugar, potassium, phosphorus and sodium content, which must be limited in many patients in accordance with associated risk factors and kodqi degree of renal failure that they may cause.

It may be repeated within less than three months where the clinical situation indicates. Moderate alcohol intake criteroos not considered to be harmful, as with the general population, that is, around 12 to 14g of alcohol around cc of beer or cc of wine.

An increased cardiovascular risk has been reported with uric acid values in the high normal limit, above 5. Cuidado paliativo en el paciente con enfermedad renal cr?? CKD screening in risk populations should be carried out by assessing the eGFR and albuminuria at least once a year.

The list of drugs for adjusting the dose can be consulted on the following webpage: These suggestions were incorporated into the final complete text and were also sent for display on the respective webpages of the signatory societies. Data obtained by post hoc analysis support the ability of statins to reduce cardiovascular complications in patients with stages 2 and 3 CKD.

Services on Demand Journal. Simple isolated renal cysts alone are NOT criteria for renal damage. The best treatment is prevention, avoiding risk situations. Renal ultrasound firstly allows to rule out the presence of an obstructive urinary tract pathology, but also to identifiy structural abnormalities that indicate the presence of renal damage. The current version is an abridged edition of the detailed general document, which can be consulted on the webpages of each signatory society.


This equation has not been reformulated for creatinine values obtained using appropriate procedures and cannot be re-expressed for the current methods of measuring creatinine, and as such, it should not be used.

Consensus document for the detection and management of chronic kidney disease

Patient follow-up, attitudes and objectives by specialty. A small degree of stable hyperparathyroidism is not a concern, but progressive hyperparathyroidism, with PTH values that are two or three times higher than the reference value, require consultation with Nephrology specialists.

The daily consumption of salt must be less than 6g the equivalent of 2.

In accordance with the latest European guidelines, CKD individuals must be considered to be patients with high or very high cardiovascular risk, without the need to apply risk scales. Measuring creatinine clearance by collecting hour urine does not improve GFR estimation from equations except in certain circumstances. CKD is a coronary heart disease risk equivalent; therefore, the objectives are the same as in patients with ischaemic heart disease.

It is considered unlikely for HD patients to achieve the target with oral Fe, and as such, intravenous iron will be required. We recommend estimating the GFR using equations obtained by measuring serum creatinine concentration, age, sex and ethnicity. Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors Both acarbose and miglitol and their metabolites accumulate in renal failure and their use is therefore not recommended. Likewise, establishing strategies for preventing and managing CKD and its complications by Primary Care, as well as criteria for the appropriate referral of patients to Nephrology comprise the aspects covered in this document.

This is what we call early renal transplantation. This equation has demonstrated that it is superior to other GFR estimation equations based on the serum concentration of creatinine MDRDcystatin C or the combination of both.

Clin Biochem Rev ; Age changes in glomerular filtration fe, effective renal plasma flow, and tubular excretory capacity in adult males. Prognosis of chronic kidney disease by estimated glomerular filtration rate and albuminuria 6.

Aluminium compounds are excellent binders, but are not recommended over long periods, given that they may induce aluminium intoxication in CKD patients.


A FG diminui com a idade. If this combination is necessary, fenofibrate must be used and strict monitoring must be carried out. The clinical spectrum of chronic metabolic acidosis: Am J Kidney Dis ;42 Suppl 3: Este procedimento parece se associar com menor velocidade de queda da FG. Different studies have demonstrated the importance of proteinuria in the pathogeny of CKD progressionas well as the link between kcoqi and renal prognosis and mortality in various populations independently of the GFR and other classic cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Intensive blood glucose control and vascular outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes. Revised European best practice guidelines for the management of anaemia in patients dw chronic renal failure. This is what we call early renal transplantation. Detection of mineral and bone metabolism disorders. It is not necessary to adjust statin dose, except in very advanced stages of CKD and only for those that are eliminated via the kidney.

Clin J Am Soc Nephrol ;5 8: Prevalence of chronic kidney ccriterios and decreased kidney function in the adult US population: The insulin regimen will be adapted to the control target and may be a conventional therapy or an intensive treatment, although ,doqi should remember that the basal-bolus regimen has a lower rate of hypoglycaemia.

Systematic review of current guidelines, and their evidence base, on risk of lactic acidosis after administration of contrast medium for patients kdooqi metformin.

Chronic kidney diseases: common and harmful, but also preventable and treatable

If the Nephrology check-ups are carried out once a month, it is not necessary to repeat the tests in Primary Care. Progression of nephropathy in type 2 diabetic patients. With certain joint protocols, some intravenous Fe criterils be administered in the health centre under medical supervision.

Introduction to the Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines. Preparo para a terapia renal substitutiva: