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The composer had a specific musical sequence in mind inwhich upon further reflection he changed for the public premiere. Erik Satie Compositeur de Musique.

Another Satie seascape, with rushing arpeggios demonstrating that the ocean is not always congenial to casual tourists.

There is no record that Satie had contact with Charles Martin or access to his drawings while composing astie suite. The Writings of Erik Satie”, p. Steven Moore Whiting wrote of this piece, “It is as if Satie had discovered in the same formula that Stravinsky would apply in Pulcinella six years later.

Sports et divertissements – Wikipedia

Patrick Gowerswriting for The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians indescribed spogts multi-faceted yet intimate nature of Sports et divertissements as “a private art that tends to resist public performance. Satie’s music for the sled speeding along is purely descriptive – a series of skittering, frenetic bursts covering most of the keyboard – while the commentary is mostly saie with the icy conditions: A stern ostinato in the lower reaches of the piano summons up a wind-blown sea as it tosses about members of a yachting party.

English translation by Todd Niquette. Sahie of the earliest examples had been published by the Montmartre cabaret Le Chat Noir while he was a pianist there in the late s.

It was republished by Salabert in Satis commentary was becoming increasingly prominent in his keyboard works of the period, and in Sports he indulged this by writing a surrealistic prose poem on each theme; he then meticulously calligraphed these into his India ink scores, in black ink for the notes and words and red ink for the staves.

In this boisterous aubade members of a wedding party arrive to rouse the newlywed bride from her marriage bed. As for the hunter, he uses his rifle to shoot nuts out of the divertssements.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sports originally appeared as a collector’s album with illustrations by Charles Martinaccompanied by music, prose poetry and calligraphy. Music, Fashion, and Modernism”, p. The drawing part is represented by strokes — strokes of wit; the musical part is depicted by dots — black dots. Peter Fletcher Plays Erik Satie. SwtieDover Publications issued Satie’s facsimiles together with black-and-white reproductions of Martin’s illustrations as a trade paperback, and this is probably sportts best known English edition.

As Satie’s material remained unchanged, the new drawings are divertissemments to the music and texts only by their titles. Some investigations into Erik Satie. He offered no opinion of Debussy’s score. Sports et divertissements is a collection of 21 pieces for piano. Gillmor observed that “In several of the pieces Satie indulges in a kind of Augenmusik wherein the musical score is an obvious graphic representation of the activity being depicted.

Satie – Sports et Divertissements 1. Choral inappetissant sheet music for Piano

A pleasant outing – to which “Everyone has brought very cold veal” erki gets rained out by a storm. The pianist was E. These pieces are miniatures, and they combine music, poetry, calligraphy, and art in a charming and intimate way. The complex early publication history of Sports et sportw was elucidated by Ornella Volta in the s.

Whether Vogel expected these additional contributions or not, he wisely agreed to reproduce Satie’s striking autographs in facsimile. Compositions by Erik Satie 20th-century classical music Compositions for solo piano compositions.

Sports et divertissements (Sports… | Details | AllMusic

The landscape is very cold and doesn’t know what to do with itself. The order of the pieces from the original edition onwards was chosen by Vogel and does not reflect Satie’s preferences. In half-notes, bass octaves.

Costumed revelers pose and jostle one another, including a drunken Pierrot who is behaving obnoxiously.

Sports et divertissements (Satie, Erik)

Ascending triplets bring the number to an explosive climax, followed by a desolate whimper. New York in the sOxford University Press,p. Ultimately, Martin’s etchings would not be seen by the public for many years. See Davis, “Classic Chic: Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.


Satie’s first-person narrative is one of his most whimsical literary creations, an absurdist nature-setting in which rabbits sing, nightingales hide in burrows, and owls breast-feed their young. Darius Milhaud called it “One of the most characteristic works of the modern French School,” [64] and in biographer Pierre-Daniel Templier proclaimed that the spirits of Satie and of French music were “prodigiously alive” in its pages.

In a game of ” Blind man’s buff ” a blindfolded lady approaches a man who has a crush on her. Myers nevertheless called the Choral inappetissant “an impressive fragment” and admired its “rugged strength and concentrated musical thinking. Following an expectant musical pause the ride itself is evoked with dizzying plunging scales.

Lively, but not too. The Complete Solo Piano Music. Myers’ biography Erik Satiein which he ranked Sports with a handful of Satie compositions that are “outstanding and cannot be ignored by any student of contemporary music.

For over 80 years most of Martin’s illustrations were known only to a handful of private collectors and interested scholars. The brief Choral inappetissant is built of sour, unsingable phrases that snub the whole purpose of the genre.

The latter three were provided by Satie in his exquisite handwritten scores, which were printed in facsimile. Retrieved from ” https: Transcriptions pour basson et piano.

The fisherman goes home as well, leaving only “The murmuring of the water in a riverbed. Author Blaise Cendrars recalled a experience helping the composer cash a large check in Paris and then trying to get him safely home with the money, while Satie insisted on stopping for meals, drinks, and to stock up on cigars and his favorite ssatie collars of which he bought a gross.