Its 11 September , Rome. The citizens of the city wait anxiously for the outcome of the battle for Vienna as Ottoman forces lay siege to the defenders of. In Imprimatur, Monaldi & Sorti made public documents proving that Pope Innocent XI (proclaimed blessed in ) had made a deal with the protestant William. Buy Imprimatur by Rita Monaldi, Francesco Sorti from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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Ze willen een serie schrijven van zeven boeken met steeds een historische onthulling. The authors monadi this as follows: Set in Rome in the late seventeenth century it deals with the events of nine days in that city, when a number of strangers are quarantined in an Inn.

The first book of the series by Monaldi and Sorti has an interesting publishing history as it was not appreciated by the Catholic church in Italy. De opsommingen zijn soms groots en lang, maar daar kun je ook gewoon overheen lezen. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Pages to import images to Wikidata. En ondanks talloze wederwaardigheden slaagde hij er niet in Dulcibeni diens geheim afhandig te maken.

Het eerste deel deed al veel stof opwaaien, want het Vaticaan was niet blij met dit boek. The most astonishing one is that William of Orange, the Protestant hero who with the so-called Glorious Revolution conquered England inwas in the pay of the Pope.

Mah, sono perplessa anche di quello Personal tools Log in. Imprimatur by Rita Monaldi and Francesco Sorti. Certainly the historical elements of the story’s setting are well researched; but it appears to me that the authors were very much aware that their book might cause ‘problems’ — so they are careful to ensure that their interpretations have as much historical credibility as possible.


In addition to his assignment from Louis XIV, Atto Melani is determined to investigate Mourai’s death, persuading the apprentice to assist. Ze hebben inmiddels al meer historische romans geschreven, zoals Secretum en Veritas Although it’s quite slow paced until late on, it’s put together in intricate layers which means there’s always something happening and often something new.

A very complex and surprisingly intriguing historical thriller, given the slow pace. Deze documenten stuurt hij aan de commissie die zich met de heiligverklaring van deze paus bezighoudt om deze te voorkomen.

Nothing so delightful as a eunuch on adventure!

Review – Imprimatur by Monaldi & Sorti

In een interview met het dagblad Trouw zei het echtpaar dat kringen binnen het Vaticaan Imprimatur als ongewenst hadden verklaard. Voor hun boek maakte het echtpaar zoveel mogelijk gebruik van authentieke bronnen, zoals recepten voor gerechten en medicijnen rechtstreeks overgenomen uit 17e-eeuwse boeken.

I enjoyed the muddled language of the grave robbers, and I thought the apprentice’s attempts at cooking were rather fun.

Although the story itself is fiction, many of the persona and events are not. I discovered and read it last month. Deze Glorious Revolution werd gezien als een grote triomf voor het protestantisme. In de pers werd hun eerste boek vergeleken met ‘De naam van de roos’ van Umberto Eco en kreeg vier imptimatur in de Detective- en Thrillergids van de VN, dus redenen genoeg voor dit boek om op mijn nog te lezen-lijstje terecht te komen.


Robert was erg te spreken over dit boek, alle anderen vonden het boek niet bijzonder. The book is based on research by Monaldi and Sorti, who researched information from 17th-century manuscripts and published works concerning the siege of Viennathe plague and Atto Melani.

An English student, a French guitarist, a Spanish Jesuit, an enigmatic gentleman of monaldo Marche, a neurotic Venetian glassmaker, an ambiguous poet from Naples, a fascinating courtesan, the hot-tempered proprietor of the inn and his young boy. The Times Literary Supplementa British literary magazine, said, “Imprimatur starts well and gets better.


Then, the allegations contained within might make for a more stimulating experience. By night they navigate the underground passageways and rivers under the inn leading into various houses and yards of central Rome, encountering a grotesque pair of relic hunters who help them through the subterranean labyrinth.

They also discover that the other guests of the inn are using the tunnels for their own mysterious reasons. De techniek van de raamvertelling in brieven van de priester die ooit het huwelijk van Rita en Francesco inzegende en in bisschop van Como is geworden, houdt de lijn naar de recentste geschiedenis open.

Everyone is hiding their kmprimatur secret. Pope Innocent XI, renowned for his ascetic lifestyle, has rallied troops and raised money in support of the Austrians.

In Australia, The Australian reviewer wrote, “A massive, elegant, baroque edifice, superbly written and researched.


This isn’t usually the kind of thing I’d enjoy, but there are so many layers to the mystery that it’s difficult not to become caught up in it.

The justification for the story is a little weak, but the story itself is a decent read. For the general reader the book tends to be perhaps a little too long, but in all it is intriguing enough a format to carry one through the sequences of events with a certain amount of interest.

Een onthulling die nooit is tegensproken. Overwonnen werd het knechtje, dat tegenover het visioen van het Kwaad zijn geloof en onschuld verloor: Iako je “Imprimatur” objavljen