Jan Fennell, “The dog listener”, is an English dog trainer who applied the insights of Monty Roberts into horse behavior to the behavior of dogs. Her training. In The Dog Listener Jan Fennell shares her revolutionary insight into the canine world and its instinctive language that has enabled her to bring even the mo. Jan Fennell. likes . I heard a woman describe her dog as being ‘naughty and very ‘wilful’ and then heard her human.

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Maybe a bit more ‘rule bound’ than it needs to be eg. There is dispute over whether this type of training fennfll can have negative effects and it has been called “psychologically cruel” by one author. Thoughts on “training” the Listejer Fennell way Oh! Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way I hadn’t heard about her methods previously other than recognising the name so I just had a look at her website and read a few of her articles.

Well, it seems that way to me, anyway. No, create an account now. So all I’ve tne to do is work out how to communicate to him how he gets the good stuff. Jan Fennell”The dog listener”, is an English dog trainer who applied the insights of Monty Roberts into horse behavior to the behavior of dogs. UncleBobJun 12, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Jane MartinJun 11, That is, you might be told that there is ‘one right way’ to do things, based on the theory. I honestly don’t think Charlie has any concept whatsoever of leadership. Share This Page Tweet. Has anyone any comments on The Dog Listener? This page was last edited on 1 Julyat Other dog experts have cited recent scientific research to challenge the theory that dog behavior is based on the model of the wolf pack, criticizing this as an over-simplification.


In the attempt it may become aggressive or difficult to handle, as it tries jab assert dominance; han, through uncertainty on what it should be doing, or sometimes acutely stressed.

Fennell does not believe in physically dominating fennell chastising the dog. Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way ;D When does puppy arrive? Retrieved from ” https: JulieTJun 12, Due to this, many of Fennell’s beliefs are considered dated and archaic, no longer being scientifically accurate.

Jan Fennell – Wikipedia

Principle and Practice ‘ started by Jane MartinJun 11, The dog has a stress free life. It only takes a minute! Have fun with your pup, work on a great relationship built on love and trust I think this is very importantdon’t reward bad behaviour, reward good behaviour, and it seems to work out just fine. I really don’t buy all of this stuff though.

Jan 28, Messages: Good leaders lead out of respect and trust; bad leaders lead through dominance and fear Orwellian theory? Look at me, I know nothing!

Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way I have read fog interesting ‘critiques’ of Jan Fennel’s approach. Is ignoring a dog dominating it? It can then possibly trust its owner to take decisions and will become contented and relaxed. We hopefully don’t rule them out of fear. We guide them and hopefully do not allow them to push boundaries. Yes, my password is: Jun 15, Messages: Dog listener meets the original horse whisperer live on GMTV”.


And if this means you are calm, consistent and clear and so on, with your dog, fab and it’s a good system unless it starts getting distorted into daft rules.

You are MY leader!

Jan Fennell

However, I think there is also the idea that play is ONLY instigated by the handler; sitting on the sofa is ok, as long as you invite it and do not let the dog decide when it can happen; ignoring the dog when you return home; giving a dog a short time out when behaviour is not acceptable and repeating this in a tje controlled way until behaviour is acceptable also seems to be a format.

RosieJun 11, I had a discussion with a potential Day Care provider today who trained with her Jan Fennell and would use that training just to maintain behaviour at dog day care. If that is the case, maybe this is one of the reasons why socialisation at a young age is so important, especially with other dogs. The dog does not need to feel dgo and therefore bark and become aggressive because the handler is the leader and makes all of the decisions. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I think it is interesting. I HAVE seen clicker training, in a similarly quietly controlled atmosphere and environment and I definitely will be going to clicker classes.

Theoretically this makes the dog anxious: