demand to be treated the same just like any other Kenyan in Published by Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC), Kenya. Kenya TJRC Report Volume 1. Document. Pages. Notes. Text. Zoom. CLOSE. Previous for “” Next. p. 1. Loading Loading. p. 2. Loading Loading. p. 3. Loading. One year after its release, ICTJ presents a critical overview of the Final Report of Kenya’s Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission in a.

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Where the opposition could not campaign freely, President Moi traversed the country using government resources.

The Commission requested a 6-month extension, thus the current timeline is as follows:. It has been estimated that over 50 Kikuyus were killed during these attacks and over others fled gjrc area and sought refuge at the Roman Catholic Church at Kinamba, from where they were later relocated to temporary shelters at Sipili and Ol Moran.

These ethnic tensions originate in events occurring before independence when British colonists forced the Kalenjin pastoral tribe off their land to develop the Rift Valley agriculturally. The violence continued sporadically for several months, particularly in the Rift Valley.

Victims may apply for reparations if they qualify.

Waki Commission Kriegler Commission. The TJRC eeport, analyses, and reports on human rights abuses, economic crimes, illegal acquisition of land, marginalisation of communities, and ethnic violence.

The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission of Kenya

There were varying explanations given for these attacks. The commission gave the government a limited amount of time to agree to create a special tribunal, and made it clear that the commission would give its findings to the ICC if the government failed to establish the tribunal within the given timeframe.


Agenda Four of the National Dialogue and Reconciliation process of that relates to long term issues and reforms provides the framework for transitional justicewith the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission driving the transitional justice agenda. One of the many suggestions in the official report that the Waki Commission made was that the Kenyan government establish a tribunal of both international and national judges to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of the gross human rights violations.

With the colonists came Kikuyu farmers to work as sharecroppers in the British fields. Tensions in the Rift Valley have caused violence in several previous Kenyan elections, most notably in the Kenyan Elections.

Accordingly, it was almost inevitable that there would be some kind of response by the owners of the livestock. The two senior Court of Appeals judges, Justice Bosire and Justice Nyamu, were removed from office because of their involvement with the Goldenberg scandal trials.

Kenya’s civil society ttjrc called for a truth, justice, and reconciliation process since when the NARC Government came into power after the twenty four-year rule of President Moi. The raiders raped the woman and stole some livestock from the household. Institutional hearings will focus on the role played by an institution or institutions with respect to violations within the mandate of the Commission. Politician’s portrait marks border in Kenyan slum”.

The most notorious instance of interference with the electoral process was the General Elections where many losing candidates were declared winners. In addition, the Electoral Commission was made up of presidential appointees whose loyalty to the incumbent was never in doubt.

Kenya Government and Parliamentary Inquiries. However, the commission has focused on justice in terms of recognition and distribution.

Kenya TJRC Report Volume 1

The slums of Nairobi saw some of the worst violence, some of this ethnically motivated attacks, some simple outrage at extreme poverty, and some the actions of criminal gangs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The ICC has jurisdiction only when the country in question fails to act on crimes against humanity that were perpetrated on its land. I have also included a version of the Act that I created for my own purposes, that reflects the substantive changes made to the Act and that except for the various extensions we received is the Act that substantively governed our rport.


These clashes pitted these groups along ethnic lines as well as on political lines. The Kenyan government created the Commission of Inquiry on Post Election Violence CIPEVotherwise known as the Waki Commissionin Februarywhich was an international commission of inquiry with the aim of investigating the post-election violence that occurred in Kenya.

Three days later, groups of what local residents described as Kalenjins attacked Kikuyus in parts of Njoro in the same constituency. To kfnya the events following the and elections in Kenya, one must first understand the complicated ethnic makeup of the Kenyan state. This period includes three months prior to beginning operations for set up, and three months following as a “winding down” period.

The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission of Kenya – Wikipedia

The mass violence in Kenya occurred throughout a period of over 40 years making it difficult to define concretely as post-election violence. Ina Government appointed Task Force recommended establishment of a Truth Justice and reconciliation Commission.

The elections were conducted in the glare of international publicity, not least because the international community was seriously concerned about whether the elections would be free and fair.