Giacomo Puccini’s third opera, with libretto by Luigi Illica, Giuseppe Giacosa and Marco Praga, based on L’Histoire du chevalier des Grieux et de Manon. Libretto Manon Lescaut. [primo interprete, sesso]. Manon. Lescaut [ ♀ ]. soprano [ Cesira Ferrani, ♀ ]. Lescaut. sergente delle guardie del re [ ♂ ]. baritono. (Lescaut): In quelle trine morbide (Manon): Madrigale (mezzo-soprano, chorus): L’ora, o Tirsi, è vaga e bella (Manon): Ah! Manon, mi tradisce (des Grieux).

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O di Cupido degno fedel, bella e divina la cherubina per tua delizia scese dal ciel! Oh, my love, heavenly delight, ineffable rapture! Has he left your boudoir already? Oh, amore, ultimo incanto, ineffabile ebbrezza! Mio buon signore, ecco! Is it you imploring? Views Read Edit View history. ,anon remember that silence is golden. Talking to her through the bars, he learns that she is to be deported to Louisiana.

Manon Lescaut

Il picchetto rientra in caserma. He points to the inn, offering a drink. Manon appears at the top of the stairs, looks around, and comes down to rejoin Des Grieux. Filen suonando sta; la sua zampogna va sussurrando: Si allontana dal viottolo.


After dancing, Geronte and the musicians leave the house. But maybe your Proserpina will have the strength to resist you?

Again, Lescaut enters in breathless haste, making signs that they must depart immediately. Oh, my humble dwelling, you again appear before me — cheerful, secluded, white-walled, like a sweet dream of peace and love! I want your face here, close to me, so, so, kiss me — close to me, once more I can feel you — Alas!

She walks among them, pale and sad. Manon si volge, vede, comprende. This sparkling emerald — to Des Grieux But yes! Di sedur la sorellina e il momento!

Ah, give your sweet lips and your heart to the waves of a new enchantment. Persino il vostro volto parmi aver visto, e strani moti ha il mio core. A destra, una casa e un viottolo che una lanterna rischiara debolmente.

Let the glasses ring with merry music in the toasts and let the ardent enchantment. A woman was escaping. O my beloved Manon, hurry! Manon reflects, then studies herself in the mirror. Questa tragedia, ovver commedia, io non conosco!

Manon Lescaut libretto (Italian/English) – opera by Giacomo Puccini

He approaches a group of girls. They may not be public domain elsewhere. Si siede e prende le carte. Regina struts coquettishly across, some laugh. Des Grieux is alarmed by Manon’s appearance and goes to look for water.


A blond passes briskly. Manon, ti stringi librretto me! Editor Carlo Carignani —piano reduction. One must be calm — philosophical.

She stops speaking as she sees Lescaut on the balcony of the inn and hurries to join him. Seeing the captain, he is overcome with emotion and relaxes his grip on Manon.

And to thieves and drunks! Des Grieux sguaina la spada.

Is the cask empty? Even in exile, Manon is unable to give up her depraved life. Bring us good fortune. Wherever she may go! Regina passa pavoneggiandosi; alcuni cittadini ridono. The guard appears, escorting a group of women, who are going on the same ship as Manon. Oh, I feel a baleful threat!

Manon Lescaut libretto (English) – opera by Giacomo Puccini

Perhaps for some unattainable lady a sharp pang of love pierces you? Des Grieux, doubtful whether to leave her, walks slowly away, looks back once, then with sudden decision, hurries off. Una bionda va al suo posto, frettolosamente. Des Grieux enters, dressed as a student.